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    Do you buy yourself something nice during the holidays?

    I always do around this time of the year. I usually buy a thing or two of something that I wish to receive as gifts. I'll buy the item(s), usually discounted, and have them for instant gratification.
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    What's Cooking, Thurs/11/25, Thanksgiving Day?

    Are you having a traditional Thanksgiving meal or something completely different on this day?
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    At a coffee place

    So I'm kicking back sipping my black coffee at The Coffee Bean the other day and thinking to myself how glad I am not standing amongst that crowd of people at the condiment bar. One guy dumps half of his coffee out and proceeds to pour 8 ounces of cream followed by 15 seconds worth of...
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    Finally disconnected the chest freezer after 20 yrs.

    We needed to do this a long time ago. We finally disconnected our chest freezer we had sitting in one corner of our kitchen, throwing away more than half of whatever were buried in the bottom half of the freezer for who knows how long. We (my wife actually) just did not know how to manage...
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    What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?

    What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?
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    My new cooking gadget

    I picked up this manual log splitter yesterday from Harbor Freight, on sale for $80. Works like a charm. Why cooking related do you ask? I need to split wood for my wood oven. :D
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    Concrete counter

    I just got done forming a concrete countertop for my wood fired oven. I pulled the form off yesterday after letting the poured concrete cure for several days. It'll be trimmed around the edge with matching bricks to compliment the oven. The counter top will be finished by polishing and...
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    I love Turbo Tax

    I'm using Turbo Tax for the very first time and loving it. I should have done this years ago as I would have saved a ton of money paying for tax prep. And I only paid $15 for the 2009 Home/Business program on Amazon.
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    Sizzzz.... on hot bricks

    Last night, as an experiment I took a tri-tip roast and seared it directly on the brick floor of my wfo. After sizzling all sides I pulled it off to the front into the cool zone and waited for it to reach ideal internal temp. And while the tri-tip was resting in foil for the next few...
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    Amazon FAIL!

    I've been ordering items from Amazon the past few years and have always been happy with their service and quality of merchandise. Prices are very competitive and shipping has always been free. Well, they screwed up on my last order this week. One of the items I ordered was a Vic Firth French...
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    Brick oven ribs, moink ball, etc....

    I had a few people over at the house last night for the USC/Hawaii game so I decided to do some beef back ribs, moink balls, potatoes, green salad, and steamed rice. I loaded the charcoal basket with briquettes for the long and slow burn with a chunk of oak for smoke. The potato wedges...
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    What are you snacking on?

    I'm at work and I just bought a sweet corn tamale off a street vendor who just passed by.
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    Why are my cucumbers sour?

    Help! Why are my cucumbers bitter?
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    New Thread

    I forgot what I was going to post.
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    "I just spent 40 days in jail"

    Why do people (customers) have to announce that they just spent some time and just got out of jail? Over the years I've had several different customers come into my shop and make such announcements indiscretely in front of other people. Is it a macho thing for them to do some time? Or is it...
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    Plastic Cement

    I have about 500 lbs of plastic cement (as opposed to straight Portland Cement). Can I add aggregate and turn this into a concrete mix?
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    I was still up past 1am last night and noticed a bright light out the living room window so I stepped out onto the balcony and snapped this pic. I have no idea what this was all about but it looked like 'they' were focused on that one property. Perhaps doing an extraction? That wide object...
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    MiSSiSSiPPi picnic

    Before the weekend began I heard some local Mississippians were having their annual picnic Saturday at a city park so a friend and I decided to check it out. The park perimeter just happens to be right across the street from my house and the picnic was held at one of the picnic locations a short...
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    Business cards made of meat

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    Friday Nite T-Bones!!

    I love playing with fire...:D