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  1. sattie

    Hatch Chile Hummus with Hatch Pesto

    I know I have not been around for a bit, but I whipped this up last night and it is sooo yummy!
  2. sattie

    Oils and Balsamic Vinegar

    Just happened to be the last weekend of the Keller Farmers Market and I came across this during my sampling. (What a neat place to showcase your goods!) I had no clue you could mix and match oils to vinegar's, but here goes the story! This one stand I approached was selling Texas made olive...
  3. sattie

    My Favorite Refried Beans - Mexicali Rose

    I know making them from scratch is the best, but I really love these refried beans when you are in a pinch. I buy the big bag and just scoop out what I need. I cup of the dried to one cup of water. I also like these because you can make them as soupy as you want or as thick as you want.
  4. sattie

    Whats Cooking NCT Sunday 11/30/14 to Sat 12/6/14?

    With the leftovers we had, I decided to make me an old Taco Bell favorite, an enchrito. Anyone remember those?
  5. sattie

    Whats Cooking NCT Sunday 11/23/14 to Sat 11/29/14?

    This was dinner Friday and Saturday... needless to say, I'm not cooking Sunday cuz I'm pooped! Friday was turkey pasta toss, Saturday was smothered steaks with left over Turkey day sides.
  6. sattie

    Yuzu Duo

    Has anyone tried these yet? I had to get this off Amazon after reading an article about 12 must have ingredients. I have yet to find a true use for these except to mix it in with a fresh avocado or in soup. One has an orange flavor and the other lime. Such a unique taste that I absolutely love!
  7. sattie

    Whats Cooking NCT Sunday 11/23/14 to Sat 11/29/14?

    Pre Thanksgiving Dinner - WARM UP! Pan seared flap steak with chimichurri cilantro sauce, roasted baby dutch taters with lemon and garlic, kicked up canned green beans.... yep, canned. They look pretty good for canned stuff! And fresh sourdough bread.
  8. sattie

    I Love Cornbread

    Banana Bread I'm sure everyone has seen banana bread by now. This recipe turns out so well and I needed to figure out what to do with all the darn bananas I end up with. My DH eats them fairly regularly but some usually end up over ripe so I started tossing them in the freezer. I HATE waste...
  9. sattie

    Whats Cooking NCT Sunday 11/23/14 to Sat 11/29/14?

    I did not see a thread started yet for this week, hope it's OK that I initiated. Tonight was broiled scampi over linguine with salad and fresh bread. Sorry for the crappy pic quality.
  10. sattie

    The "Breakfast" thread

    I present to you the no calorie totally healthy sausage gravy and biscuits!!! You know it's all BS! :biggrin:
  11. sattie

    Nam Pla Prik

    Yet another one of my new favorite condiments. It's hard to find unless you are in good with someone that owns a Thai restaurant, found it was far easier to make at home. I put this in soups and some meats when I want a special kick of heat! Recipe 10 long green or thai chilies sliced thin...
  12. sattie

    Crusted Cod Loins

    This recipe works well for frozen and fresh fish. I typically would not use this for fresh fish, but that is just me! This recipe works well for many flaky white fish like halibut. Make sure to make extra crispies, that is the best part of the recipe. I also cook this in a toaster oven, so...
  13. sattie

    Whats Cooking NCT Sunday 11/16/14 to Sat 11/22/14?

    There is some nice lookin grub on this thread. I forgot how much I missed this! Here was my dinner tonight, crusted cod with Asian style green beans and left over cheesy jalapeno grits. The fish recipe is one of my favorite go to recipes for frozen fish.
  14. sattie

    My New Favorite Condiment

    At least one of my new favs!!! I did not know where to put this, so mods, move as you see fit! I was actually looking for a condiments section... Anyhow, I came across this a while back, not sure if it was a recipe I read, or saw something on the cooking channels or what, but this stuff is...
  15. sattie

    Dill Pickle Soup

    Curiosity got the best of me when I saw this soup and just had to try it. I'm chowing on it now, a part of me likes it, another part of me is kinda qua, and another part of me thinks this will taste better once it sits for a day. I have a feeling I will be craving this later!!! The recipe is...
  16. sattie

    History Lesson....

    Manure... An interesting fact Manure: In the 16th and 17th centuries, everything had to be transported by ship, and it was also before commercial fertilizers were invented, so large shipments of manure were common. It was shipped dry, because in dry form it weighed a lot less than when wet...
  17. sattie

    Dinner, Tuesday, April 28th

    Whasssup??? Any clues for din din tonight? I'll still mulling over my choices!
  18. sattie

    Dorito's Late Night - Taco's at Midnight

    I don't know if any of you have seen these, but I about flipped when I saw Taco Dorito's! (I know some of you know how much I have complained about how I could not find taco flavored Dorito's here in Texas.) Anyhow, I saw these things and quickly grabbed me a bag. They are not the same taco...
  19. sattie

    Miserable User Mode????

    Have I been put on it???? Good grief... everything is slow as snot, I'm having problems posting profile messages, says it needs to contain at least 4 characters. And my message is well over 4 characters. What did I do???? :unsure:
  20. sattie

    Dinner, Monday April 20th!!!

    Me having me some fried chicken tonight!!! Not sure what I will have with, maybe some corn and mashed taters..... traditional!!!