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    Add some milk for a good sleep

    Like the Taste I believe the reason people put milk in tea is simply because they like the taste. Tea contains caffeine in the same quantities as coffee (more or less!). When milk or other fatty substances (ghee, yak butter etc.) are put in the tea the barbiturates bind to the fat and are then...
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    Tea Latte

    Hi! I found that people can accept the tea with milk when I asked the question about milk tea, so I decide to try it. I feel the tasty is very good to add some milk making more smooth if you can't accept tea with bitter feeling. I would like to recommend the recipe of Tea Latte to you what I...
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    New for here

    Hi,there I am glad to be here to share some recipe here. What I would like to do is to do some small dessert, and then try some new things. I feel it’s interesting to see that everyone has some new ideas and ideas in this forum. I am from Hong Kong, China and are now trying to attend some...
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    what’s the best match?

    Hi~ In some countries, they are attach importance to tea and match different refreshments with different flavor of tea. In my opinion, this is respect for food. Do you know that? Do you have any views for this?:readytoeat:
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    Tea Cookies

    I don’t know why I love the flavor of tea so much until I realize that I will search some drinks or deserts with tea to create a new tasty. Sometimes, I enjoy making some cookies, and you know it will be tired when you always eat butter cookies. Therefore, Do you wan to make a new flavor tea...
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    4 - 5 Cups of Green Tea A Day For Maximum Benefit

    Hi, there I don’t know how many people like drink tea here, while I would like to point out the benefit of drink tea. Today, tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. And studies suggest that green tea (Camellia sinesis) in particular has many health benefits...
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    What kind of drinks can help you relieve the summer heat?

    Summering is coming soon. Do you want to make a cup of drinks by yourself to cool your summer? So, I would like to share some experiences. Most of the time we may choose a cup of hot tea in the winner, while we don’t like to drink tea at summer. Maybe you will enjoy tea at summer. Iced oolong...
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    Matcha Sunrise

    Maybe someone like me to do something different with tea drink? I like some sweet taste of drink, which made me try to add some different taste into tea. We can see that many shares online, and I learn to make a cup of Matcha Sunrise. The flavor made me feel very surprise, which I would like to...