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  1. BigAl

    Potatoe Peeling 101 !

    Neatest thing I ever saw for peeling potatoes !!!
  2. BigAl

    Potatoe Peeling 101 !

    Neatest thing I ever saw for peeling potatoes !!! Source thread for comments,
  3. BigAl

    Waffles ! Chcolate style

    I had the wife make some . She just substituted chocolate milk for plain milk . It gives the waffles a slight chocolate flavor . I think it would be a big hit with kids !
  4. BigAl

    Barbcue shrimp from Paul Prudhomme's cookbook

    BARBECUED SHRIMP This dish has nothing to do with a barbecue pit or barbecuing. Why is it called "barbecued" shrimp? Beats the hell out of me. If you're really curious, ask someone at Pascal's Manale Restaurant on Napoleon Avenue in New Orleans; it's where the dish was created. Me, I don't...
  5. BigAl

    Coconut smoke fish

    I had this at my place in Panama . Very simple . Just substitute Coconut husk for the wood chips , Wow ! Best fish I ever had . Of course all the tropical drinking did not hurt none . Gives the fish a very light sweet coconut flovor
  6. BigAl

    Pepperoni sticks or summer sauage ???

    Slim Jims or Pepperoni stick ???? Have you made some ??? How long do they last? Can you freeze em ? The reason I'm asking is I built a real nice little meat locker on the ranch so we can process our own game during hunting season .It is about 16 x 20 . This has gone over "Very well" and we now...
  7. BigAl

    Do you know what you are looking at ???

    Its yummy for the Tummy . Want to guess what it is ???:chef:
  8. BigAl

    Dinner in Panama

    I arrived safe & sound in Panama . Last night the wife and I headed out to one of our favorite places for seafood . Karen had Fresh Monk fish and I had Talipa(?) with twice baked potatoes ,Greek salads, Garlic bread . and Clams in a garlic sauce for a starter:w00t2: .All washed down with the...
  9. BigAl

    Off to My Panama Island !

    Hi you all , I'll be gone for about 2 1/2 months to Republic of Panama vacationing . I'll "Check in" as time allows . Hopefully I can get some great recipes for Panama food to post on here ! Take care !!! Big Al
  10. BigAl

    Thanks Doc

    This has definitely become my favorite Forum ! I have gotten really tired of the BS I see some members spewing over on the FF site as factual truths to try and impress other FF members . I just about decided that if the other good members here will allow me too , I'll just sleep here near the...
  11. BigAl

    Local beers of other countries !

    Do you have a favorite ? Mine is "Balboa Ice" in Panama . 3.2% alcohol content . Perfect for the hot humid weather of Panama . You can drink them all day and it will not make you drunk or dehydate you . I buy them by the case at what we call the "Beer Pier" on the other Island . $7.35 a case...
  12. BigAl

    Pickled Quail Eggs !!!

    One of my favorite little things to eat in Panama is "Pickled Quail eggs" . Man those things are habit forming . They are served with a local hot sauce in a small paper Dixie cup and a toothpick . 6 eggs for a buck ! It's Heaven on a toothpick :heart:!!!!
  13. BigAl

    When traveling in Panama !!!!

    When traveling in some of the smaller more remote areas of Panama , Stay away from the PORK !!!! The Indians will not touch it in Bocas del Toro where we live . My wife got very sick from some tainted pork . Smoked pork chops seem ok though . Since then we never eat pork in Bocas Del Toro...
  14. BigAl

    You are what you eat !

    Yesterday my wife and I went to Sacramento to buy some needed items for our travels to Panama in March . WE stopped at a little chinese buffet and ate dinner last night . It was good but not what I am use to eating since being on my diet . This morning I feel like I have been ran over by a truck...
  15. BigAl

    Biggest Loser Cook Book

    Its a great book ! I have loss 43 pounds in 5 weeks using the recipes out of this book . I give it 5 stars!!!
  16. BigAl

    Sauage pizza !

    Ok , I got another goodie !!! A sauage Pizza . YUM ! It is also out of "The Biggest Loser Cookbook" 321 calories . It was just incredible . I am loving life right now . I love pizza and this is one new food lifestyle that I can follow forever . So Far I am down another 3 pounds . Official wiegh...
  17. BigAl

    Lo cal Chicken Pizza !

    From the Biggest Loser Cook Book . Chicken Pizza . This is as good as it gets . I highly suggest you buy the book . This is without a doubt ,one of the best pizzas I have ever had !!!!
  18. BigAl

    I can't be here no more

    This new food forum is killing me . I am on a very strick diet lifestyle now and everything you all have posted I want to eat !!!! Shame on you guys and gals !!!! I'm going to bed before I rip the damn door off the frig !:topicclosed:
  19. BigAl

    The Biggest Loser Cook Book

    My wife purchased The Biggest Loser Cook Book on for around $12 . Best $12 bucks she ever spent . I have not had one bad meal out of it yet . I am very impressed with the meals and the weight is continueing to fall off !!!!!!!:respect:. So far I have dropped about 40 pounds in about...
  20. BigAl

    Wood stove baked potatoes

    We lose our power in the Idaho back country quite often . One night as the wife was grilling steaks on the bar-B-que we lost our power . She had planned on bake potatoes too . I double wrapped them in tin foil and laid them in the coals of our wood stove . I then spinkled more hot coals over the...