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  1. GrantsKat

    Orange pasta?

    So has anyone ever seen this, used it, or even have any suggestions on what to make with it?? I couldnt pass it up :huh: Sorry about the crappy pics.....
  2. GrantsKat

    Any mechanics out there?

    Admittedly my minivan is a piece of crap!:yuk: With that being said, I wonder if anyone here can help me out, I really dont want to take it in to be checked out without having a little knowledge of what could be wrong. The problem is with the A/C, if I have it on while Im driving, my van or more...
  3. GrantsKat

    Please vote

    for my beautiful great-niece Lily Marie!!!! If you wouldnt mind!!!!:biggrin: shes #7! Thank you!!!:kiss:
  4. GrantsKat

    Flank steak marinades??

    Mornin everybuggy :wink: I was finally able to find flank steak yesturday:clap: Im so excited!:) So now the search has begun for a yummy marinade, I found this one ,which looks good....... but Im open to suggestions. If hubbys...
  5. GrantsKat

    Cleaning Poem

    I can relate!!!!!!!!!:neutral::biggrin: Cleaning Poem I asked the Lord to tell me Why my house is such a mess. He asked if I'd been 'computering', And I had to answer 'yes.' He told me to get off my fanny And tidy up the house. And so I started cleaning up... The smudges off...
  6. GrantsKat

    What do You look Like- Nostalgia Trip

    Re: What do Yuo look Like- Nostalgia Trip about a year old...and they wonder why I like beer so much now! my uncle and me with about a can of aquanet hairspray!! I was 21 I think my old man & me, lol about 8 yrs ago also about 8 yrs ago ok i have no idea why they are so big, i suck at this...
  7. GrantsKat

    So heres the scoop.....

    So I havent been around much lately, I just got over a bad cold with a high fever BUT Im ok now:mrgreen: Sooooo, I had my sonogram today AND ITS A GIRL!!! Shes perfect & healthy & I am finally at ease!! Phew...ok you can all go back to your food chat :biggrin:
  8. GrantsKat

    Question about Egg Rolls

    I love egg rolls, but because they are so greasy, my stomach doesnt like them too much:sad: So I decided to make my own and try baking them. I bought the wrappers and I have a bag of cole slaw mix(I know, I know..shame on me!) Im only going to do a veggie version to questions are...
  9. GrantsKat

    Should I be concerned?

    Today when my husband came home from work he informed me that our cat was eating a rabbit that she had caught:shock::yuk: Isnt that abnormal behavior for a cat? I mean, shes caught mice and brought them to us, but never actually eaten them!
  10. GrantsKat


    Ok I just recieved 2 emails back to back..........One was titled "Enjoy an active life again with an electric wheelchair"!!!!!! The other is "Get your FREE trial!!ColonZen"!!!!!!:huh: UMMMM Ok Im pregnant not 90! Geez what a way to start the day!:censored: I hate spam:yum:
  11. GrantsKat

    Sesame Sticks

    I have no idea if I should put this here, so feel free to move it if necessary! Heres my question, does anybody have a recipe for sesame sticks, the ones in the trail/party mixes? I googled it but all I came up with was recipes for breadsticks with sesame:huh: Thanks!