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  1. TexasGirl

    Me and Jeff

    Finally got to meet!! He is such a sweet guy!! Awesome personality and too cute!! :)
  2. TexasGirl


    Man, they will just let anyone in this place, won't they?? LMAO! :poke:
  3. TexasGirl

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

    Have a fun but safe 4th!!
  4. TexasGirl

    How's everyone??

    Just wanted to check on everyone. Been a long time! :flowers:
  5. TexasGirl

    Doc: my pics

    I'm having trouble uploading from my phone.
  6. TexasGirl

    recall on Albuterol inhaler

    This is really scary!
  7. TexasGirl


    Wishing you all peace and love and everything you hope for!! And for a glorious New Year!!
  8. TexasGirl

    Atkins recipes

    If anyone is interested in any of the Atkins recipes, my sister gave me the books and recipes cards for the whole plan. I will share:mrgreen:
  9. TexasGirl

    chicken question

    Which is lower in carbs, white or dark?
  10. TexasGirl


    Really never thought about HAVING to check for carbs. Now I was told to cut them from my diet! UGH! All my favorites are bad:cry: Triglycerides are high and dr said get rid of the carbs and come back in 3 months! Thank you for this forum and all the information!! Off to start reading, lol
  11. TexasGirl

    OMG I'm SO excited!!!!

    I've waited and waited and after trying for months and not getting anywhere, I can FINALLY log on with my phone!!!!!!!!YAY DOC!!!!!:bounce:
  12. TexasGirl

    Brisket done too early

    DH is smoking 4 brisket for his RV park and the guy that was to watch it over night kept the heat too high and they are done already. What can we do with them for 6 hours?
  13. TexasGirl

    Prayers for my sister

    My brother in law lost his battle with Mesothelioma this past Saturday. He just celebrated his 67th birthday last Wednesday. My sister is lost, but, holding together so far. I fear it will be a different story after the funeral tomorrow. Just a small prayer to get her through this would be...
  14. TexasGirl

    March 21, 2010

    And it's snowing again,lol. Not as much and it's not sticking to the cement, but, the weather man said no accumulation for us.... 4" and it's still snowing.:bonk:
  15. TexasGirl


    Anyone here take it or have taken it? Any side effects or problems with it?
  16. TexasGirl

    Chile earthquake

    And now Tsunami warnings going up. Hawaii is one of them.
  17. TexasGirl

    Happy Valentines Day

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day full of love!!
  18. TexasGirl

    Smoke King

    Anyone know what is going on with Bob? He hasn't been here in a while.
  19. TexasGirl


    I know I haven't been on here in a while, different things going on and then computer crashing, but, my BIL is fighting Mesothelioma and is in the hospital to have his left lung drained, again and now they are looking at his liver as they saw some spots during a scan this morning. He has beat...