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  1. Maverick2272

    Woo Hoo finally get to take a vacation!

    Well, after fighting off two basement floods and throwing out a lot of stuff, we are finally caught up and can take a vacation. While pondering where to go, I got a call from my moms cousin that I had not heard from in about 12 years. She was passing thru Chicago on her way to Vermont and wanted...
  2. Maverick2272

    Do you do your own canning? Looking for tips here.

    Maybe even a tutorial in the tutorial section would be cool. The wife wants to get into it this year. We have planted several fruit bearing bushes and expanded the veggie garden. I think we would be mostly canning tomatoes and jams. I know one of the bushes is Elderberry and you can make wine...
  3. Maverick2272

    Mav's Black Bean, Corn, and Kidney Bean Chili Con Carne

    Ok, here is the recipe I last used (I change it every time I make it, LOL): 2 16oz cans red kidney beans, not drained 2 16oz cans black beans, drained 2 16oz cans diced tomatoes, not drained 2 16oz cans whole kernel corn, not drained 1 8oz can tomato paste 1 large red onion diced 1 medium...
  4. Maverick2272

    Does this remind you of your last couple of days shopping?

    Kinda reminds me of shopping yesterday:
  5. Maverick2272

    Anybody else having problems with thier albums?

    I just updated and re-organized my albums, but there seems to be a problem with the thumbnails. When I view the album, the old pictures show up as thumbnails with the description below it. The new pictures just show the description of the pic, no thumbnail.:glare: Is it just me and my settings...
  6. Maverick2272

    Random Picture Thread - Part Deux

    These should serve to sufficiently embarrass the wife (LOL):
  7. Maverick2272

    Little Joe's Famous Pizza - New Lenox IL

    We did a meet-up with Paul (Deadly Sushi) in September at this place. After eating here we toured around the local area and found a nice little place to have some ice cream at. I have to say this place was pretty darn cool. Big portions and reasonable prices not to mention very friendly service...
  8. Maverick2272

    Halloween Pictures

    Did we ever have a Halloween thread on here? Well, here are our pics, can you guess which one is me?? LOL!
  9. Maverick2272

    Flowers from our garden...

    My daughter, Katie, made this bouquet all from flowers from our garden. Picture is a couple of months old but I am just now getting around to organizing this years pics and came across this and had to share.
  10. Maverick2272

    I was behind this guy in traffic, just had to take a picture!

    This may be hard to read as it was taken on my cell phone camera, but I had to get a snap shot of it. This guy has some serious issues with his Sister In Law! LOL. Here is what it says: What is big, mean and ugly, has fleas, the mange and looks like a dog? My Sister In Law, Sarah Jackson, Bluff...
  11. Maverick2272

    Shanahan's Creole/Irish Restaurant/Bar - Forest Park IL

    I took the wife here for her birthday, and while definitely an expensive place to go and therefore reserved for special occasions, it was also well worth it. It is located in Forest Park, IL. The one drawback is the waitstaff seemed overwhelmed and it did take awhile to get her attention and...
  12. Maverick2272

    The Blueberry Hill Breakfast Cafe - LaGrange IL

    Located in downtown LaGrange, IL this is one of the best places I know of to get a good breakfast. Just watch out, they serve up huge portions! My favorite so far is the Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs. Served with two eggs, two biscuits and a big chicken fried steak all smothered in sausage gravy...
  13. Maverick2272

    Charitable giving this holiday season

    It is that time of year again where our church puts up the Angle Tree and also begins its annual food drive. The Angel Tree is for children that will have no Christmas presents, the food drive is for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Last year we picked up 6 kids as well as donated a ton of...
  14. Maverick2272

    Nintendo Wiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Anyone have this yet? I just went on EBay the last couple of days and bought a system and entirely too many accessories, LOL. I think I now have at least 2 of every type of controller and 4 of most plus about 48 games, errr, just got off EBay so make that 49. Got the Fit for the wife so she can...
  15. Maverick2272

    Gourmet Magazine to cease publication as of November.

    Don't know if any of you already knew this, or ever subscribed, but I caught this while cruising and followed the link back to This is what they are posting about it, I guess it effects not just the magazine but also Bon Appetit magazine, a cell phone app, and...
  16. Maverick2272

    Porterhouse steaks

    Just picked 4 of em up from the store, Choice grade. Now, I am used to grilling up smaller steaks all the time, but these are huge! So, any tips on grilling them up? Anything I need to different then say a sirloin or New York Strip?
  17. Maverick2272

    MacAffee Security Suite Issues...

    I know several of us on here have Comcast, and they give us McAfee for free with our Internet service. Well, I just found out there are some serious problems with McAfee giving false positives on everything from games to Windows Components. A false positive is when the Anti-Virus program thinks...
  18. Maverick2272

    Our KiddieLand Outing

    OK, so I have been promising the kids we would go to KiddieLand for the last month, and finally I am healed and well enough that I was able to take them. Oh, KiddieLand is a small amusement park in Melrose Park which is a suburb close to us. Here are some pics I managed to take of our day. We...
  19. Maverick2272

    Parents, put those keys up!

    Saw this in the news, holy carp! They said the kid was airlifted to the hospital with massive head injuries, I haven't heard anything else since.
  20. Maverick2272

    This ones for BAM...

    What can I say, those Canadians......