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    Cabbage on a gas grill

    Cut cabbage in wedges butter both sides with stick butter and salt n pepper. wrap one piece of bacon around each wedge in a foil pan cover with foil can Add smoked sausage or potatoes. This can be done in oven all so. Cook time one hour.
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    Stuffed boneless chicken thighs.

    Anyone have recipes for this? I've seen a few but figured some one on here must have a few good ones to share.
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    Grilled Venison burgers tonight

    Grilling and chillin this evening. Burgers on the grill and French fries for supper tonight
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    Fresh venison!

    Thanks giving week I spent a couple days vacation at my camp deer hunting. I Harvested a big 9 point buck. While at camp I set out 2 trot-lines for catfish and got 4 big ones. So soon to come .. Venison and catfish recipes to post had to throw in a camp fire pic lol !ATTACH]19416[/ATTACH]
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    Supper tonight

    Grilled venison bacon burgers with homemade French fries. I'm full like a tick. Lol
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    Hunting camp

    I thought I'd share a photo of my camp fire at the hunting camp. Cooked wild hog in a gravy with butter beans over rice. Sorry no pic of gravy. Hope to post pics of venison stew soon.
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    Chicken thighs

    I pan fried chicken thighs dredged in a lil flour tonight for a quick supper served with steamed green beans and shredded cabbage slaw with vinegar and salt n pepper. Not bad for quick.
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    I put a whole pork loin on the rotisserie grill with hickory wood chips for a lil smoke flavor. Slice that up. With blackeye peas over white rice.
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    Pre mixed seasoning

    Here in Louisiana seasoning is what it's about. Everyone clams there's is the best. But when you can slap your own momma and still say yours is better ... you better be right ! Lol.
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    Authentic Chicken and sausage gumbo

    A Cool front pass through today so my wife cooked a gumbo getting down to 55 tonight. Lol. 1 whole chicken cut up 1 onion 1 bell pepper 3 links of smoked sausage 3 stalks of celery 4 big table spoons of roux 3 cups of white rice cooked Here we can buy roux already made. To make it...