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  1. RobsanX

    Bhindi and Gobi Masala

    Bhindi and Gobi Masala (Okra and Cauliflower Masala) 1/2-3/4 lb. Okra cut into chunks 1/2-3/4 lb. Cauliflower florets 2 Onions thinly sliced 2 Tomatoes chopped 3 cloves Garlic minced 1 tsp. Chile powder 1 tsp. Lemon juice 1/2 tsp. Turmeric 1 tsp Garam Masala Saute the onions in olive oil until...
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    Cook-book misprint costs Australian publishers dear

    Oh my!
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    Microwave Eggs, South Beach Diet...

    I started the South Beach diet on Monday. I'm trying to lose some weight that I've gained over the past few years. It's working out pretty well, except for breakfast which is always a rush. This morning I brought two raw eggs and some shaved boiled ham to work. I shredded the ham, mixed it into...
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    Do you ever put food where it doesn't belong?

    Yesterday evening I opened a bag of spinach for dinner, and decided to fold it, put a chip clip on the bag, and stick it back in the fridge. This morning I go to the pantry to get some cling wrap, and lo and behold there is the bag of spinach sitting in there! :bonk: I know when I was younger...
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    Answers to all your meat questions here!

    This looks like an interesting new site.
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    Dinner. Tuesday 3/30

    The kids are with bio-dad tomorrow, so we are having my birthday dinner tonight. I am making pot roast, with potatoes, carrots, and onions. My lovely wife made her first from scratch cake for me! I'll get some pictures up later.
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    "Pizza Hacker" makes wood fired oven from Weber Kettle...

    Very cool idea! Click the pic for the article.
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    UK classified ads...

    These are classified ads, which were placed in a U.K. newspaper: FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER. > 8 years old. > Hateful little bastard. > Bites! > FREE PUPPIES > 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbour's dog. > > FREE PUPPIES. > Mother, a Kennel Club registered German Shepherd. >...
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    Lava rocks in a gas grill...

    Will they help prevent flareups? I have deflectors in there, but once the drips hit them I get pretty bad flareups.
  10. RobsanX

    Last Supper has been Super-Sized?

    Interesting how portion sizes grow like that!
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    Not sure how to approach this subject because it is very extensive. Basically what got me thinking about this subject is the cream available at my grocery. There are two kinds of "whipping" cream made by Dean's: For the longest time I didn't have a good idea what the difference between the...
  12. RobsanX

    Nabisco Premium Mini's...

    I just found these at the store. I don't know, maybe they've been out for a while. I often like saltines in soup, but I'm not a big fan of mushing them up. I don't care too much for oyster crackers either, because they have an odd taste and texture. These however are perfect!
  13. RobsanX

    Man On Internet Almost Falls Into World Of DIY Mustard Enthusiasts

    Article The Mustard Museum they refer to is right near where I live! LOL!
  14. RobsanX

    Filet Medallions with Mushrooms in a Balsamic Stout Reduction...

    Beef Tenderloin Medallions with Mushrooms in a Balsamic Stout Reduction Yields: 4 Servings Ingredients 1 pound Beef tenderloin roast trimmed 2 Shallot diced 3 cloves Garlic minced 1/2 pound Mushroom sliced 1 can Guinness draught stout 1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar 1 tablespoon...
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    Cream of Asparagus Soup.

    Cream of Asparagus Soup Yields: 4 Servings Ingredients 1 1/2 pounds Asparagus bottoms trimmed 1 medium Onion roughly chopped 4 tablespoons Butter 4 tablespoons Flour 4 cups Chicken broth 1/2 cup Heavy cream add more as necessary Salt & pepper to taste Instructions Chop...
  16. RobsanX

    Coffee Grinder Recommendations?

    I'm in the market for a coffee grinder. I want something more substantial than the little Krups we have. Something with a hopper, and volume and grind settings. Any suggestions?
  17. RobsanX

    Moviegoer tells woman to stop talking, gets stabbed w/ meat thermometer.

    This is food related, right? Who takes a meat thermometer to the movies anyway? Are they checking if their hotdog is kept at a safe temperature? :bonk:
  18. RobsanX

    New York proposes salt ban in restaurants. Ummm... Is this serious, or just a publicity stunt?
  19. RobsanX

    Chef serves cheese made from wife's breast milk...

    What do you think? I think I could live out my entire life without eating cheese from this woman's breasts... :confused:
  20. RobsanX

    Dinner Thread, Monday, March 8

    Just got back from the store. I picked up a New York strip to share with DW. I'll make some parsleyed gold potatoes, and sauteed asparagus to go with...