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  1. chilefarmer

    Dried Pitted Dates

    Shipped by mistake by one of our vendors 50 pounds of dates. What to do with that many I have no clue, help please. Also received 50 pounds of dried apricots, made preserves and pie filling from them. CF
  2. chilefarmer

    Tri Tip, its Good

    Inspired by Ross, Tri-Tip on the egg. Seasoned with fiesta brand uncle Chris steak seasoning with added black pepper. Wrap and then in the frig over night and most of the day. Removed from frig and let come to room temp.CF Seasoned: Seared at 600° reduce temp to 350° smoke with hickory until...
  3. chilefarmer

    Cheese slicer

    Att: Adillo found this ,looks to be durable. No cutting wire uses a blade. CF [/URL][/IMG]
  4. chilefarmer

    Need Pie Crust info

    Pie crust for custard pies. I have blind baked, brushed with egg whites and tried a few with brushed jam. The custard still soaks the crust. OK I give up whats the secret to keep this from happening. CF
  5. chilefarmer

    Pink Slime is back
  6. chilefarmer

    New Kitchen Toy's

    We had a bunch of points on one of our company credit cards. So we got these. Haven't used them yet but am about to. Our old mixer was a 6 quart this one is a 7 quart. Making ginger cookies today.:wink:
  7. chilefarmer

    Venison Snacks

    This is not summer sausage, just venison sausage with Red Chile Flakes,Spices Hickory Smoke and cheddar Cheese. I was going to make link sausage but had the casing for these so here goes. CF Reader For Smoke: Just Good Eats:
  8. chilefarmer

    Not Prime Rib

    Our Mexican store runs select bone in rib eye steak on sale for $3.59 pound. I had the butcher cut me about a 4# end cut for a roast. I did not trim any fat, seasoned heavy with salt and black pepper. Cranked up the grill to about 600° added a little pecan wood for smoke. Seared on all sides for...
  9. chilefarmer

    Its Brunch Time - Steamed Eggs

    Brunch time, missed breakfast. Ham, Steamed Eggs with roasted Padron Chiles, Mighty fine about 9:30 this morning. CF :smile:
  10. chilefarmer

    Bavarian Apple Pancake

    Haven't a clue as to where I got this recipe. But made one this morning, Its good. We did the Maple syrup and butter. CF Bavarian Apple Pancake 3 eggs 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup whole milk 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1 tablespoon sugar 2 tart apples (granny smith) 1/2 teaspoon lemon zest 4...
  11. chilefarmer

    The new Kitchen

    Yea, I can cook again. Just a few corrections needed to please me, and its over (for now). All new appliances, Dish washer, ice maker, refrigerator, freezer, stove top vent hood, warming drawer, double oven, 2 sinks, black granite counter top, microwave, 2 garbage disposal and new tile floor. GE...
  12. chilefarmer

    Gum Drops

    I have an internet friend that is looking to buy lemon gumdrops. Not assorted flavors just lemon. Not lemon drops either , gumdrops. Any help will make him happy. I have not been able to find them. Thanks CF
  13. chilefarmer

    Vacuum Bag (food saver)

    I am needing a supply of food saver bags. I see ebay and other company's sell them. Anybody ever use other than food saver? Want to save all I can and still have quality bags. Thanks CF
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    Hope this works for you. CF
  15. chilefarmer

    brined,Cured and Smoked

    Smoking Chickens: I have eaten a lot of smoked poultry, but never did it myself. So here is my story. I did add some black pepper and mango juice. Came out tender, juicy and tasty. Although kind of bland, needed some spice.CF Recipe: Simple curing brine: Wet Cure For every 1 gallon of water...
  16. chilefarmer

    Chocolate Babka

    New bake for me. But saw a photo with the recipe. Just looked to good not to bake one. More trouble than I thought, but so worth it, super good taste. CF:smile:
  17. chilefarmer

    Grand Mothers Apron

    I didn't write this, but it was pretty close to home for me. Seeing as I was raised by my grand parents. Yes I grew up old school. CF:smile: Hope you like it to. Grand Mothers Apron The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath because she only had a few. It was...
  18. chilefarmer

    Pecorino Romano Ciabatta

    My first ever loaf of Ciabatta. The cheese was not all that good (to me). Everybody else liked it, or at least they were being nice about it. CF Pecorino Romano Ciabatta
  19. chilefarmer

    Sugar Cured Bacon

    This has got to be the best Bacon I have ever made. I mean you can hurt yourself on this stuff. Dry sugar cured for 9 days, peppered and smoked with hickory. Wish y'all had some. CF:readytoeat:
  20. chilefarmer

    Pink Slime

    I am not seeing any post about the pink slime or carbon monoxide being added to meat. All FDA approved. Not for me. Really scary. Interested ? Google, lots of links. CF