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  1. lilbopeep

    What are you eating Sunday, 11/22/2020 to Saturday, 11/28/2020?

    I think I will make a soup tonight. If all goes as planned I am starting Turkey day prep today.
  2. lilbopeep

    And on the lighter side ........

    It seems my old thread didn't make it to the new forum. So Doc suggested starting a new thread. Here we go.
  3. lilbopeep

    Rest In Peace Alex Trebek

    Alex Trebek of 'Jeopardy!' dies at 80 after pancreatic cancer battle Game show legend Alex Trebek, the beloved "Jeopardy!" host who showed dignity and perseverance in dealing with a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis in March 2019, died Sunday. He was 80. " 'Jeopardy!' is saddened to share that Alex...
  4. lilbopeep

    What are you eating Sunday, 11/8/2020 to Saturday, 11/14/2020?

    Well up early, so I'm going food shopping. I'm going to try and pick up some non-perishable items for Thanksgiving. DD wants tacos for dinner. But it's not a sure thing.
  5. lilbopeep

    Bread Machine - Potato Bread Recipe Question

    I want to make potato bread dough using a bread machine. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup mashed potato (I don't want to use dry potato flakes). Would/Should I add the ingredients in this order: Using Bread Machine to make dough: 1. Liquid ingredients (water, eggs, milk, fat, honey) 2. Flour, to...
  6. lilbopeep

    What are you eating Sunday, 11/1/2020 to Saturday, 11/7/2020?

    I may make lamb chops, mashed potatoes and green beans tonight.
  7. lilbopeep

    Dream A Little Dream Of Me

    Mama Cass Louis & Ella Doris Day
  8. lilbopeep

    City of New Orleans

    Steve Goodman Willie Nelson Arlo Guthrie
  9. lilbopeep

    Advice needed Re: Turkey Breast

    We usually get a "free" (spend this many dollars receive this deal) frozen turkey breast from ShopRite Supermarket for Thanksgiving. I have a whole turkey in the freezer to use for T-day. I am planning on making a small eye round and half a turkey breast (thawed and boned) for Christmas. And...
  10. lilbopeep

    Doors Triple Play

    SO MANY good songs but I had to choose a triple play. Riders on the Storm The End Light My Fire
  11. lilbopeep

    What are you eating Sunday, 10/18/2020 to Saturday, 10/24/2020?

    Well another mostly sleepless night. The cold and damp days have my joints hurting. I had planned a Chinese inspired dinner tonight: A small pot of homemade wonton soup. Fried rice (the jasmine rice is cooked and waiting in the fridge). Red pork to add to the wonton soup and fried rice. And...
  12. lilbopeep

    Good day thread

    Good day everyone!! Have a wonderful day!
  13. lilbopeep

    Thanksgiving 2020

    I have just started planning my Thanksgiving menu. Compiling recipes and creating a shopping list. There are some new additions to my usual menu. Several are new recipes. What are your Thanksgiving plans? Have you started thinking about it? :lmao: I get bored so this gives me something to do.
  14. lilbopeep

    What are you eating Sunday, 10/11/2020 to Saturday, 10/17/2020?

    I'm not positive yet. But it could be homemade chicken pot pies or cabbage, noodles and kielbasa.
  15. lilbopeep

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Firefall - Strange Way
  16. lilbopeep

    Heard It In a Love Song

    Heard It In a Love Song The Marshall Tucker Band Mark Chesnutt
  17. lilbopeep


    How do we create a poll? Can we create a poll?
  18. lilbopeep

    Peep's Unstuffed Cabbage

    Peep's Unstuffed Cabbage 1 lb. ground beef 1/2 lb. ground pork 1 (14 oz.) ring smoked kielbasa - 1/4 ring chopped small for filling, 3/4 ring sliced into rounds for layers. 1 small onion (≈1/3 C.) - chopped fine 2 - 4 lg. cloves garlic - chopped fine 1 TBSP. Hungarian Sweet Paprika - or to...
  19. lilbopeep

    What are you eating Sunday, 9/13/2020 to Saturday, 9/19/2020?

    I gave up trying to sleep. I'm going to go food shopping. Not sure what dinner will be. Probably unstuffed cabbage or corned beef. Unless there is a good sale on something else. :lmao: Have a great Sunday.
  20. lilbopeep

    Stuffed Cabbage question

    I've been wanting stuffed cabbage. But I hate removing the cabbage leaves and rolling them. SO I have decided to try it a different way. I will use my favorite recipe. Except after I mix up the filling I will use a 1 TBSP. Scoop/disher and form either into patties, balls or ovals. Then place...