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  1. Sass Muffin

    New To You Food Products

    I thought this would be a fun thread to start. It can be anything fresh, frozen, jarred, canned, spices .. whatever - as long as it's something you consume in one way or another. I finally found the yogurt that Peeps has been having for breakfast (thanks Peeps, just had it for dinner. Love...
  2. Sass Muffin

    What's For Eats November 15th - 21st

    Right now, I'm not real sure. Could be chicken patties, brats..
  3. Sass Muffin

    Potato Soup

    Simple! My friend Pam made this and it was super.
  4. Sass Muffin

    Creamy Prawn and Dill Wedge Salad

    Hoping to make this tomorrow.
  5. Sass Muffin

    Where's Woodstock

    Once you find him, just say yes. Let's give all the members a chance to look. Have fun!
  6. Sass Muffin

    Oven Roasted Stuffed Acorn Squash

    This is the recipe I'm going to follow. Keep in mind I'll be doing this with one squash, and minus the apple. So there is going to be a bit of stuffing left to use for something else. I think.. lol
  7. Sass Muffin

    Tricolor Assorted Pearl Onions

    I came upon these at the store, right near the large onions and shallots. I've been searching ways to prep and use them. Brown butter and balsamic glaze. Creamed. Oven roasted. Caramelized. Just may try a few of those.
  8. Sass Muffin

    What We're Eating Sunday 9/20 - Saturday 9/26

    We're about to head out for a day of fun. First stop, Big Boy for breakfast. Dinner will be a place called Bombay Kitchen in Toledo.
  9. Sass Muffin

    Happy Birthday Dan!

    Have a super fantastic day! :thumbup: :blowcandle:
  10. Sass Muffin

    Italian Green Beans
  11. Sass Muffin

    Happy Birthday Jim S

    Have a wonderful day.
  12. Sass Muffin

    Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  13. Sass Muffin

    Cake Mix Banana Bread

    Man, I'm going to make this soon.
  14. Sass Muffin

    Behind Blue Eyes
  15. Sass Muffin

    Long Tall Texan
  16. Sass Muffin

    Paprika Spice Blend For Chicken (or Beef)

    I mixed this lightly between my fingers and will be using it on chicken. It makes exactly half a cup.
  17. Sass Muffin

    What We're Eating Sunday 8/9- Saturday 8/15

    Taco soup tonight. Leftovers going in the freezer.
  18. Sass Muffin

    Moonpie Starbox :wub:
  19. Sass Muffin

    Happy Birthday Peeps!

    Have a lovely day, my friend. :flowers:
  20. Sass Muffin

    A Groovy Kind Of Love

    Phil Collins Petula Clark The Mindbenders