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  1. Mountain man

    Buying case lots of meat.

    Since the avian flu is driving up chicken and egg prices we got 2 cases of boneless/skinless chicken breasts at Sams for $1.69 a lb. the other day. We pack them up individually and vac seal and freeze them. They are enough for the 2 of us for a meal. We also got a case of imitation crabmeat for...
  2. Mountain man

    Was I dreaming?

    Can't decide if I got nailed by my pacemaker or it was a dream. Sure woke up quick! I have been shocked so many times it could have been just a dream. When I checked my pulse rate it seems fine but I am also at the point where the anti- arrhythmia drug should be out of my system. Will try to not...
  3. Mountain man

    This years twins

    The mom brought them up to the mineral block and they had a ball chasing and playing in the yard. They acted like I mowed them a playground. The one is a much lighter color than the other one.
  4. Mountain man

    Zuchinni ideas wanted

    Dang things are going gang busters and we have lots of them. Some have gotten big already. Looking for baking or grilling ideas. I am thinking of splitting one down the length and scooping it out and filling it with cooked burger and spaghetti sauce and maybe cheese over top?
  5. Mountain man

    New computer, new Windows

    My old XP machine died after 9 years and I had to wait till I paid the taxes to get a new one. To get one with Win7 I had to order online. Then I have been fighting to remember usernames and passwords. I had a bunch written down but not all of them. Still fighting to get programs installed on...
  6. Mountain man

    Santa is watching you!

  7. Mountain man

    Update on Doc

    They could not do the cath at the big hospital he transferred to so he ended up having a triple bypass. His doc says he is doing well. He will be hurting for a while. That type of surgery makes for a long healing period so he will likely be slowed up till it gets cold and snowy.
  8. Mountain man

    Huge salad recall due to possible listeria contamination: Food and Drug recalls

    CLEVELAND, Ohio-- A salad company is greatly expanding its recall of ready-to-eat salad, slaw and dip products because they might be contaminated with listeria, a dangerous foodborne pathogen, the company and the Food and Drug Administration said in a news release. The Garden-Fresh products...
  9. Mountain man

    Picking hickory nuts.

    Took the RTV and stood in the bed to get some low hanging hickory nuts. Will raise her up in the backhoe bucket to get some more. They made about 2/3 of a bushel but much of it is hulls. As they split open you can peel the outer hull then wait a while to crack them open. Will have to race the...
  10. Mountain man

    Quick harvest due to frost.

    Had to pick some things in a hurry and move a lot of stuff in the greenhouses yesterday. She has dang herbs hanging and spread out everywhere. The frost did not happen up top here but some valleys got hit.
  11. Mountain man

    Hand cleaner for food safety!

  12. Mountain man

    Tornado hit my area Saturday night.

    A tornado hit my neighbor's farm at the end of my road and took out his barn and leveled trees for miles. Hit another house and destroyed it but nobody was home and despite all the destruction no injuries. Was 1.6 miles from my house. Too dang close and the wild part is the warnings had...
  13. Mountain man

    You have to bleed

    To get to the best berries. These are being flash froze for winter treats and will be vac sealed to keep them nice. I had already picked enough to do 2 cookie sheets before lunch and went back out and got in after the tough ones. They are everywhere and still growing more. The ever...
  14. Mountain man

    Berries are coming fast

    After 9 days of rain they are ripening so fast I need to pick every day. Going to be interesting to see what the other ones are. They are growing like mad and must be red ones. The black ones are happy along the fence and even the ones we transplanted along the other fence are forming some...
  15. Mountain man

    Caturday June 22, 2013

    Since Jim is slacking.....:)
  16. Mountain man

    What's cooking Sunday5/26- Saturday 6/1?

    Got a smoked ham hock and 2 smoked loin ends in the slow cooker. Will add some taters in an hour and about 1 hour before we eat will add the green beans.:mrgreen: