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  1. SilverSage

    Who's been to Paris?

    We are leaving on Thursday for a week in Paris. Has anyone been there? Any advice?
  2. SilverSage

    Red gravy on TV

    Ro texted tonight that Red Gravy will be featured on Food Paradise on the Cooking Channel this Wednesday Sept 8, on the Brunch episode. Eastern time it’s at 10:00. If you won’t be around, set your DVR!
  3. SilverSage

    VeraBlue in New Orleans

    Ro is hunkering down for the arrival of Ida. Keep her in your thoughts. This is going to be bad.
  4. SilverSage

    Birthday Cake

    This weekend I made a cake for a friends birthday. Lemon cake, with raspberry filling, and lemon Swiss buttercream, decorated and garnished with huge fresh raspberries.
  5. SilverSage

    Hurricane Henri

    Lee, are you in the path? Be safe!
  6. SilverSage

    Pea Meal Bacon

    Those who have visited Ontario will understand. I lived there in the 70s, and one thing i miss that I can't get stateside, is pea meal bacon. So every couple years I cure some. A week in the wet brine. A couple days drying in cornmeal. Then sliced for the freezer. But first, breakfast.
  7. SilverSage

    SS's Modernist Dinner Party

    A couple weeks ago, I hosted a small party where the "meal" was a series of small plates, mostly just bites, and every dish used either modernist techniques or special equipment. I was not in charge of the camera, so I'm missing a couple pieces of the story, but most of it is here. I started...
  8. SilverSage

    Happy Birthday QSis!

    Lee, I hope your birthday is fabulous and the coming year the best ever!
  9. SilverSage

    Angel Food Cake

    Just waiting for it to cool.......
  10. SilverSage

    SilverSage's Chicken and Dumplings

    I make about 1/3 of this for 2 of us, but we're not big eaters, and I don't like a lot of leftovers. This would feed about 6 people for the whole batch. I use all s/b chicken thighs, because it's easier than dealing with the bones later, although you might get more richness if you keep them...
  11. SilverSage

    Produce drawers in your fridge

    I just came across this, and was shocked! Like many, I just put stuff in the refrigerator drawers wherever it fit, and never really understood what should go in each drawer. Maybe someone else can use it too. High-Humidity Drawer The high-humidity drawer should contain the following...
  12. SilverSage

    Mocha Pecan Cake

    It’s been a while since I posted one of my cakes here. This was for a friend's birthday last weekend. The cake is a pecan torte, 3 layers. Each layer is first spread with chocolate mocha ganache, then with a mocha Swiss buttercream, the whole thing is frosted in the buttercream, then I...
  13. SilverSage

    Blackened fish

    Blackened halibut with mango-lime salsa, on a bed of sauteed spinach.
  14. SilverSage

    Happy Birthday Lee!

    May your coming year be the best ever!
  15. SilverSage

    Who's in charge in your kitchen?

    CNN did a story and linked this blog this morning. The letter gave me a chuckle, so I thought I'd share it. Read it, then answer the question: What role do you play? A Thanksgiving Letter. Here's the original CNN article from which I stole the poll questions.
  16. SilverSage

    Cilantro: Love it or loathe it?

    I just read an article that talk about a study finding that like or dislike of cilantro may be genetic. It prompted me to wonder how many of our members love or hate cilantro. Cilantro article Personally, I used to hate it, but it grew on me and now I like it, so I'm not so sure about the...
  17. SilverSage

    Ideas for picnic, please

    Well, it's not exactly a picnic, but that's the closest thing I could think of to describe it. We have a friend who moved to memory care unit in an assisted living facility last month. They have a pleasant little private dining room that family & friends can use if they want to have a...
  18. SilverSage

    Pork Sausage

    I found the best pork sausage! We had it in a restaurant, and I asked them where they got it. Instead of the usual 16 links per pound (1 oz.), these are 8 links per pound (2 oz.). They are so big that they stay nice and juicy. They are made by Oscar Meyer, but packaged in bulk for...
  19. SilverSage

    DeeLady - Looking for Pinoy Pork

    Dee, I remember seeing your pics of this many times, but I can't find the recipe here. It always looked so good - I'd like to try it. Help me please!
  20. SilverSage

    What a Deal!

    I just found this pan at a Beall's Outlet store. It was still in the box, marked down to $29.95 I had my frequent shopper discount card fully punched, so I got an additional 20% off on my entire purchase. Plus, it's Monday. Beall's has a "Monday Card" that gives you 15% off of eveything you...