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  1. vyapti

    Slow Cooker Rice (Help!!)

    I'm having several families over this weekend for Indian food. That means buckets of rice. It would be very handy if I can cook the rice in a crock pot and not worry about keeping it warm or tying up one of my burners. The problem is, there's not much consistency in recipes (cook time/temp or...
  2. vyapti

    Help with Rye Bread

    I've been trying to make a decent loaf of rye bread, but I'm having troubles. This last batch I made a scant 2 lbs of dough and separated them into two bread pans (probably should have done a 1.5 lb loaf), after proofing for a couple hours. The second proof took about 3 hours to double, and it...
  3. vyapti

    Buying a kitchen scale

    I want to get a scale, mostly for making bread, and I'm wondering what features I should be considering. The only things I know for sure is that I want something big enough to support a KA bowl and somthing that will reset after each ingredient. I know there are other differences and quite a...
  4. vyapti

    Waffles with Fresh Strawberries (and white beans ... shhh!)

    I've been making these waffles for about a month, now, keeping the freezer stocked with waffles. I still blend up the beans while no one is looking, but I'm not sure its necessary. The kids love dosas as well and they know they have beans & rice. In any case, I've gone through four or five...
  5. vyapti

    Check out my blog update!!!

    I've been working on an update for my blog for ever, it seems. It started out with some pretty, um . . . nifty . . ., color schemes I posted this summer and ended up with a complete make over and way more coding than I ever wanted to do. There's still something going on with the search...
  6. vyapti

    Help with Job Interview (Computer) Questions

    I'm interviewing candidates for a property management position and I need to come up with some questions to gauge someone's basic computer knowledge. Does anyone have some good questions? Background: I work in a small non-profit company. I'm the only one that's remotely tech savy. I've got...
  7. vyapti

    Fried Cucumber???

    We have a gajillion cucumbers this year and I've been looking for new ways to eat them. Today, I sliced a cucumber into thin ribbons, fried it in a little olive oil & garlic, then reduced a few splashes of Marsala and lemon juice (and lots of cracked black pepper). It was pretty good. I think...
  8. vyapti

    Post Tax Blues - Dinner Plans, April 16

    I, for one, cut a big check yesterday. And I'm not in the mood for cooking. I took today off to spread 9 yds of dirt, so I'll definitely be ordering in ... from my favorite Mexican place. Hopefully this'll serve as incentive for the kids to help me =)
  9. vyapti

    Is it fitting that a tree is attacking a tree-hugger's house?

    I'm sitting here wondering if the tree removers will be here before the tree finally gives it up. I kinda feel like its happening in slow motion
  10. vyapti

    How do you make your asparagus

    Asparagus might be my favorite vegetable, so each spring, when its available fresh and cheap, I will make it as often as my family will tolerate, at least a couple times a week. This year, instead of steaming it, I've been baking it with a little white wine, some garlic and lemon slices. But...
  11. vyapti

    This is how tofu should look

    There are tons of ways to make tofu. This is one of the easiest, and most fool proof. The tofu absorbs plenty of flavor in an overnight marinade and then simply pan fried in a little oil and some of the marinade. It shouldn't fall apart and you know its cooked by sight and it can be chilled...
  12. vyapti

    Help with Diabetic Baking

    I give a cake to my staff at the staff meeting on their birthday. One of my staff members was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I want to support her, but at the same time, give here some sort of birthday treat. But, I know next to nothing about diabetes. Does anyone have any pointers...
  13. vyapti

    Help!! I'm making bread bowls

    This weekend, I'm making bunny chow, which is basically a curry served in a bread bowl. I want to make my own bread bowls, something a little chewy with a crisp crust. And I'm just wondering if anyone can point me toward a recipe or type of bread that would work. Thanks.
  14. vyapti

    Anyone making Black Eyed Peas

    The last few years, I've adopted the Southern tradition of making black eyed peas for new years. I think this year, I'll load a pot with black eyed peas, potatoes, tomato and turnip greens (if I can find them) or collard greens and cook up a batch of rice. Is anyone else making black eyed...
  15. vyapti

    Joe V's Basic White Bread

    I unwrapped my KA mixer a few hours ago, and christened it with loaves of bread from my favorite fly fishing website. Thanks for sharing, Joe. Joe V's Basic White Bread:
  16. vyapti

    Brussels Sprout Curry

    I'm going through Iron Chef withdrawl. I haven't participated in three weeks. So here's an unclassified contribution to food porn. I don't remember how this originally happened, but I decided that Brussels sprouts and green curry were a match made in heaven. I've made this a few times now...
  17. vyapti

    Cabbage Salsa

    This is a mainstay for family gatherings, pot lucks or Labor Day barbecues. I'm not sure if it should be called a salsa or slaw, but it's good piled on a corn chip, as a taco topping, or just eaten with a spoon. Cabbage Salsa:
  18. vyapti

    ISO: Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce

    My daughter's birthday dinner is this weekend and she wants veggie skewers grilled with plenty of BBQ sauce. The thing is, she doesn't want the veggies that you typically associate with Kebabs. So Far, I think I'll be making the skewers out of Broccoli, Carrots, Onions, Tofu or Tempeh, and...
  19. vyapti

    Mushroom Curry

    My wife is turning 40 this weekend and I've been playing with Indian ideas all month. I'll be making food for 20+ people which will include Kofta, Saag, a hot and a mild curry, tomato chutney, mango chutney, Pakoras and parathas and dosas for scooping. Here's one that turned out really well...
  20. vyapti

    Almond Mushroom Gravy (my favorite food group)

    This was really good gravy. I made a second batch for the freezer and the color was nicer, but the taters were long gone, so I don't have a second pic. Mashed potatoes & gravy are never leftovers. No matter how much I cook, they just don't last. Almond Mushroom Gravy: