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  1. Calicolady

    Sweet "CRONUT" Heaven!

    Check this out and tell me I occasionally don't wish I still lived up there....
  2. Calicolady

    tornado potato/twister dog.

    I'm just watching 'Man vs Food' and he just showed this from the Calif/Sacremento State Fair: my fav. junk food! forget the chili, just give me a good mustard to dip!
  3. Calicolady

    Trader Joes in Fl., just in time for BUZZ?

    First Florida Trader Joe's grocery store pl... The article doesn't say exactly when though???? grrrr. The "Trader Joe's" grocery chain is opening its first Florida store in North Naples this year, according to a news release from the company.
  4. Calicolady

    Freebie:Women of Weber Grilling Guide-E Book

    Just click on the pic of the women's faces to link ebook
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    Ew, Jerseyians look what I see

    All proceeds benefit St. Bartholomew the Apostle Church and Academy and the Scotch Plains UNICO organization. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Please fill out the volunteer form HERE. 2011 Italian Festival Schedule Perhaps the best kept secret in NJ is the traditional Annual Labor Day Italian Feast...
  6. Calicolady

    Buzz, this is for you

    Catch of the day: Southwest Florida anglers show off the big ones: Sept. 1, 2011Published 9/1/2011 at 6:00 a.m Contributed John Brossard, left, and his son, Rhys Brossard, 10, pose next to a 5-foot blacktip shark Rhys landed while fishing Marco Island. The Brossards report that the shark...
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    X your fingers and take a deep breath!

    Zoom Besides Tropical Storm Irene and Jose, forecasters are also monitoring two systems: One, marked in yellow, has a 10 percent chance of development; the other, marked in red, has a high - 70 percent- chance of becoming a tropical storm. / National Hurricane Center
  8. Calicolady

    Julie & Julia

    Today on Lifetime network, 6pm. At least here, in my viewing area. Can't wait. Too hot to do anything else than sit & watch a good movie. Then worry about dindin.
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  10. Calicolady

    Fl. free freshwater fishing 4/4 & 4/5

    * Fishing special: The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has designated April 4 and 5 as free freshwater fishing weekend. This allows both residents and nonresidents of any age to fish in public freshwater fishing areas throughout the state without purchasing a license...
  11. Calicolady

    Happy April Fools' Day!!!

    Any gags up your sleeves????????
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    List of Fat Burning Foods

    This is in honor of Bams wife's diet, and to balance out the bacon thread. LOL! List of Fat Burning Foods
  13. Calicolady

    It's all about BACON-video

    :pig: Shoot, we (at NCT) could have told them that!
  14. Calicolady

    Trying some veggies in pots

    Yesterday I couldn't resist buying some(3) banana pepper plants, 2 white eggplant plants, and a red and green bell pepper plants. I wanted regular eggplant plants, but they didn't have them. I'm very curious about the white ones. Our farmers' market ends in a couple of weeks, so I'm hoping to...
  15. Calicolady

    Lilylove's An ANIMAL!!!

    Miniman noticed but didn't post, soooooooo LILYLOVE, YOU'RE ROCKIN' GIRL!!! 4,000!!!
  16. Calicolady

    Pizza parlor fiasco w/video (lol!) I want to know why he was naked!?!?!?!
  17. Calicolady

    Sunderland, Ont. Maple Syrup Fest, 4/04 & 05
  18. Calicolady

    Buckhorn,Ont. Maple Fest 3/28 & 29
  19. Calicolady

    Marco Is. Seafood Fest, 3/28 & 3/29

    Buzz, I think I'm going to this on Saturday. Sounds like fun, tasty and close. (I like the note: Please no coolers or pets. - LOL!)
  20. Calicolady

    S. Jersey Restaurant Week 3/22-3/27

    For a list of participants, see: