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  1. Shermie

    When in Chicago, you must go HERE!!!

    Looking for a thrill? Go here to the JHC to the 94th floor obs deck & take a ride on the 360-degree Tilt ride!! It'll give you a breathtaking view of the streets below & will let you see the bottom of the tower!! I spent a week in Chitown & went to the top of the tower & got to try it. Like...
  2. Shermie

    Getting a Sous Vide!!

    Finally! Broke down & decided to get Sous Vide to cook steaks. Found an elcheapo unit at Amazon, along with a container for the water. It's also a smart unit that can be programmed online through your smart phone for use with tempting recipes online!!
  3. Shermie

    Who Has Alexa (Amazon Echo Dot) Installed?

    I just had it installed a few weeks ago It looks like this. You can use it to help control lights, TV's, & things. other things thi
  4. Shermie

    Making Shephard's Pie.

    I'm going to make some Shephard's Pie for dinner tomorrow. Got all the stuff for it & I'm using ground lamb for the first time ever!! :)
  5. Shermie

    Cloris Leachman dies.

    Actress Cloris Leachman has died also. She was 94.
  6. Shermie

    Legendary star Cicely Tyson Dies.

    Legendary star Cicely Tyson, who won or was nominated for many awards & became a household name, was called home. She was 96 years old.
  7. Shermie

    Who buys kitchen stuff second hand?

    I bought both of these 2 items used from Ebay. They work as good as new!! :whistling:
  8. Shermie

    Ordered a Bose Wave Radio Today!!

    Ordered THIS today!! I want to try it to see how it is. Heard that it has incredible sound!!!
  9. Shermie

    Made In. Has anyone tried this cookware yet?

    I haven't either. It looks sturdy & heavy. I may get a small pot to try it.
  10. Shermie

    Roast a turkey faster than in your Regular Oven!!

    Saw the link on Facebook, so I clicked on it to watch it.
  11. Shermie

    Former NBA Basketball Player Kobe Bryant Dead!!

    K Kobe Bryant, his 13-year- old daughter Gianna & several others died yesterday morning in a helicopter crash. He was 41. :ohmy:
  12. Shermie

    Ordered this new Knife Sharpener & Dishwasher!!

    These are on their way to the house. :piesmiley1::eating2:
  13. Shermie

    Ninja Foodi Chili!!

    Here's as new way to make chili super-fast in the Nija Foodi!:WitchBrewsSmiley:
  14. Shermie

    Repainting my KA stand mixer.

    I'm repainting a used KSA mixer that I bought recently. It will probably be repainted in orange. :cooking::hotdog:
  15. Shermie

    Film Director John Singleton Dies.

    Film director / movie producer John Singleton, who directed such megahit films as Boyz in the Hood & Poetic Justice, to name a few, has died. He was only 51. He died after having suffered a stroke. He was rushed to the intensive care unit of an undisclosed hospital & went into a coma. After a...
  16. Shermie

    Baby bacik Ribs the Nijnja Foodi way!!

    Quick & easy. No long-term hassles!! :WitchBrewsSmiley:
  17. Shermie

    Herb-Roasted Chicken.

    INGREDIENTS; 1 whole uncooked chicken (about 4-1/12 to 5lbs). 1/4 cup lemon juice. 1/4 cup hot water. 1/4 cup honey.2T plus t kosher salt, divided (I don't have kosher salt, so I used some sea salt in place of it). 1 T whole black peppercorns. 5 sprigs fresh thyme ( don't have fresh thyme, so I...
  18. Shermie

    Fuller Goldsmith

    The little boy is a cancer survivor. He beat it 3 times, has come back & won on an ep of Chopped Junior!! He wants to be a chef when he grows up. He's a close friend to Guy Fieri. He often accompanies him at tailgates! :WitchBrewsSmiley::weber:
  19. Shermie

    There was a fire in my Building

    There was a fire in my Building!!!! Location: Brighton, MA. Last week on Thursday morning,(Feb 14) a fire had broke out in the building!! A guy who lived down the hall, his apartment had burnt, He lost everything in it!! Smoke came out when he had opened the dolor to escape. Some of the...
  20. Shermie

    Giant-Screen TV!! Who has One?!!

    Bought a giant 55-inch flat screen TV as an early Christmas gift to myself! :piesmiley1: