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  1. calcmandan

    Veggie Tots

    For dinner tonight I opted to use a frozen prepared veggie dish called veggie tots to complement the meat. According to their site, they have a variety to choose from. Here is the product page The package says...
  2. calcmandan

    Fermented lemons

    I'm going through a few books from the library. One is called 'the nourished kitchen,' by Jennifer McGruther. I checked it out because it came back from a catalog search looking for kombucha directions. As I read along I encountered fermented lemon (from the book's cover). It goes on to...
  3. calcmandan


    Hi folks I was at the grocer today and picked up a magazine that just released its premiere issue called 'Fermenetation.' If anyone is interested in the topic it is a great read. There are some ads in there for manufacturers of fermentation gear and what not. Many articles and recipes. It's...
  4. calcmandan

    State Fair Pots & Pans

    I'm trying to recall the namebrand of a set of pots and pans being sold at the california state fair. They're suppsedly made of a really good nonstick surface and has removable handles on everything they sell. I can give more details, but I've only seen them sold at the fair. They mention...
  5. calcmandan

    It was spagetti night the other night

    So it was a night that I was craving spaghetti. Here goes Naturally I made it fresh baby Time for the sauce Chicken Stock - 2 cups (homemade) White Onion - 1 chopped (99 cent store) Baby Carrots - 8 chopped (99 cent store) Mini Bell Peppers - 3 chopped (99 cent store) Roma Tomato -...
  6. calcmandan

    Chicken stock

    I have all the supplies needed to make a rather large batch of chicken stock. When I got my equipment, it was based on a youtube video instructing from a cooking school. The technique called for boiling the whole chicken and pulling the meat off and continuing Over the course of the last number...
  7. calcmandan

    can't login via website

    I can't login via the website and attmepted to reset my password but never received my email with link. Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
  8. calcmandan

    Milk Bread

    Saw a really good video on how to make milk bread. Would anyone have experience in this? Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
  9. calcmandan

    Tips on making good coffee

    I can't seem to figure out a good method of making good coffee. I have a flat bottom filter drip machine, mr coffee. If I'm making 8 cups, i know a half cup will be absorbed into the grounds and evaporate. so I pour 8.5 cups. For a maximum flavor profile on the coffee (without adding too many...
  10. calcmandan

    Spruced Ham Sandwich

    Multigrain bread Mayo and classic yellow mustard Fried Cheddar Slices - Two Chopped Ham Cuts- Four fried until partially blackened, no oil Butter Leaf lettuce - two leafs Roma tomato sliced Sweet bread & butter pickle slices Delicious and with a satisfactory crunch. Sent from my SM-T720 using...
  11. calcmandan

    Extra garlic

    I bought a two pound bag of local garlic from costco. After I loaded my garlic bowl on the counter, there's still about six heads in the bag that won't fit. I'm exploring the idea of cleaning the cloves and jarring it with a really nice extra virgin olive oil from Northern California. I'm aware...
  12. calcmandan

    Joined a long time ago. Lurking, mostly

    Hi folks. At home cook here. As a hobbyist cook, my skills improve from time-to-time. I joined this forum with hopes to learn from others and share lessons learned. I work in the IT field for the government. My hobbies are wide and expansive. I just wish there were a pill I could take to...
  13. calcmandan

    Fusion potstickers

    These came to me last night, on the spur of moment. Made a french meat sauce for the pasta I boiled last night and noticed a bit of leftover costco rotisserie chicken meat and pack potsticker dough. After mincing the chicken meat, I mixed it with pesto until it formed a ball. After applying...