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  1. Dogboa

    Cost of a lobster Dinner?

    Lobster are taken by a couple methods. Some folks use a "tickle stick" to chase them out of their holes and either grab them by hand or use a net. My preferred method is using a tail snare. The lobster must be measured in the water and transported in a whole condition until you reach your final...
  2. Dogboa

    Cost of a lobster Dinner?

    Here in Florida, Wednesday at midnight until Yesterday at midnight the sportsman's spiny lobster season took place. It is aka "mini season". Not sure how many lobster were taken, but at last count, 3 divers died. I used to drive a 24 passenger dive boat and always hated those 2 days. Very sad.
  3. Dogboa

    What's on the menu Sunday, 6/13/2021 to Saturday, 6/19/2021?

    Aieee! That was some spicy dirty rice last night!
  4. Dogboa

    Andouille Fresh Batch

    Karen did the cutting and spicing of the pork butts for this batch. On Sunday we ground and stuffed the casings. Funny how some mistakes turn out for the better. Didn't realize we were out of hog casings and had to use some beef casings we had on hand. This allowed us to make thicker...
  5. Dogboa

    Bird on the BGE

    Bird is done. Not as deep a mahogany color as those done on the offset, but that smokey aroma is on point.
  6. Dogboa

    Another Shwarma

    I cooked the shwarma Karen made on the rotisserie, over charcoal.
  7. Dogboa

    New Toy for the Rotisserie

    The Hatch chilis are on the way and will be roasted over charcoal with this basket. Open Closed I mainly got it to roast chilis, but the inventor does wings and other stuff in it. I love the rotisserie but don't use it often enough. I've done a beef knuckle (probably the best roast...
  8. Dogboa

    Oscar's Rib Sauses

    I worked with Oscar for several years. He did rib cooks on the side to make extra money. He cooked them "Soul Food" style with typical sides. One thing he did, as many others in several African-American communities around Ft. Lauderdale, FL that cooked this style of ribs, was to serve plain old...
  9. Dogboa

    Todays Line Up

    I will be smoking some BBs, a fatty and some ABTs. Sides will be beans and slaw. The fatty will be made using some bulk (not smoked) andouille mixed with ground pork. The stuffing will be trinity (Cajun), boudin and cheese. The ABTs will be stuffed with crumbled chorizo and Mexican melting cheese.
  10. Dogboa

    Black Cumin Seeds

    Anyone used them in a recipe? If so, care to share?:bounce:
  11. Dogboa

    The long search is over, found some Guanciale!

    None of the Italian markets we have looked in carry Guanciale, only pancetta. We went to a Farmer's Market this morning because one of the vendors raises some Heritage pork breeds and we wanted some Berkshire pork belly. He only had a less than 1# piece, so we will call him to bring down a 3-5#...
  12. Dogboa

    Muffin Tin Thighs 7-2-17

    Here are my dedicated tin and baking pan for these thighs. I prep the thighs by snipping off both ends of the bone and trimming the excess skin to form a nicely rounded thigh. The thighs get dusted with rub on the skin side which then go in the cups skin side down. The underside is then...
  13. Dogboa

    Eliminating Counter Top Spice Rack

    We've been wanting to get a toaster oven or similar, but didn't have the counter space. Karen came up with a great DIY version for spice jars. This cleared enough space for a toaster oven and then some.
  14. Dogboa


    Not the cooking vessel, but the Mexican spice blend. I believe it is pronounced Ta-hin as in Spanish "J" is pronounced as "H". Do you use it and if so how?
  15. Dogboa

    Memorial Day Weekend Coming Up!

    Will you be firing up the grill or smoker? I'll be doing some andouille, tasso and probably a sausage of choice. We are down to 1 stick of andouille and the tasso is gone.
  16. Dogboa

    Beef Marinade

    Marinade for beef ¾ cup chopped onion ½ cup oil 2 T prepared mustard 3 T Worchestershire 2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 3/4 c ketchup 3/4 cup water 1/3 cup lemon juice 3 T sugar Simmer onions in oil for 15 minutes. Then add remainder of ingredients, stir, simmer for 20...
  17. Dogboa

    Everglades Tomatoes

    Florida has a native tomato. They are not commercially harvested because of their size. They are great in salads, as a snack and Karen has made galettes using them with fresh basil and fresh motz, just like a Margherita pizza.
  18. Dogboa


    I really liked David Rosengarten's show "Taste" from way back in the FN's infancy, low budget and all. We bought one of his cookbooks and dang if his crab cake recipe isn't the best we've ever made.
  19. Dogboa

    Russian Beer

    Anyone familiar with or have tried these?
  20. Dogboa


    We love this stuff. A piece of pork loin, wrapped inside a piece of pork belly. A seasoning "rub" of ground fennel seed, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, thinly sliced fresh garlic, fresh sage and fresh rosemary. Tied up and roasted at 350F until the internal temp is 140F. The oven temp is...