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    Peached up Apfel Kuchen

    recipe from the pre-1970's from a German friend the dough is distinctly Germanische - methinks the secret is the vanilla sugar. we got real Madagascar beans (Amazon, Swedish brand) - using artificial vanilla seems like . . . why bother? used the...
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    this bad around you?

    TP, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, anything paper.... evaporated last week. today: coffee - cold cereals - frozen heat&eat - laundry/bleach products - dishwashing soaps - Campbells soup - other brands of condensed/ready to eat -
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    is coming, right shortly . . . or not.
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    tech overboard!

    did a security check and out router turned up as woefully deficient - like a decade 'out of date' / past 'supported' so new router. got one with a USB port. hung a solid state "network drive" on the router. copied my recipe over to the router. replaced the cookbook with a SurfaceGo tablet...
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    Dogger Day 2020

    . . . pretty please . . ?
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    tempura that works!

    Re: What have you eaten Sunday, 2/9/2020 to Saturday, 2/15/2020? tempura butterflied shrimp - deep fried... final found a tempura recipe that works for me (key: rice flour)
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    Bacon Pea Salad

    adapted from This a duck soup simple, hard to miss, super tasty side. It's served cold. but summer or winter, it's a winner. looks like: in advance, as frying up bacon bit crisps takes time . . . 3 slices thick cut or 4 slices regular cut in a small dice. (~1/4 lb / 115...
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    Darto Black Iron

    I have a Darto N27 fry pan. it's the bees knees for high temp sear. the "thing" about their design is the handle is part of the pan body - not welded on, no rivets, the "stamping blank" includes the handle itself. they're running a 50% off sale for USA: they...
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    DoggerDay as it happens

    this AM. DIY approach to a Huskie cooling off in the heat. the thermometer said 20'F....
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    making oven things clean

    you've probably seen/heard/read about this technique. it actually works. dryer softening sheets, detergent, hot water, soak over night. store brand dryer sheets, Dawn detergent, plastic (animal) cage tray from Tractor Supply. the plastic tray likes to buckle, hence the glasses filled with...
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    Cursive writing

    Re: Christmas cookies Off topic. I have seen several polls and comments lately about whether schools should continue to teach cursive handwriting to kids. And whether today's little kids can read cursive. I maintain that they can read most cursive, since it looks enough like printing to...
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    chip off the old block

    DD2 wished a knife block for Xmas,,,, last Tuesday..... patterned after the mega block I built to hold bunches of stuff. tomorrow is add the 45' bottom . . . rock maple. my advise: never try to sand rock maple....
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    Note from the SuperVisor of Leaf Collection

    " . . . you missed one."
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    smartphone-GPS holder

    once upon a trip I was using my cell phone as a (rental car) GPS. balancing it on my lap, falling down, etc. ran across this - $10 or so clips onto the instrument cluster hood - good grip - super...
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    L'Atelier - Las Vegas by Joël Robuchon

    L'Atelier - Las Vegas by Joël Robuchon Joël Robuchon has two Las Vegas restaurants, literally side-by-side, at the MGM. His namesake restaurant was the only Michelin three star in Las Vegas when Michelin rated Las Vegas. L'Atelier has Robuchon inspired staff and cuisine at roughly half the...
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    oh-oh, he's at it again.....

    one guess - pick a guess - any guess
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    Guy Savoy - Caesar's Las Vegas

    Restaurant Guy Savoy - Caesar's Palace Guy Savoy held two Michelin stars up until Michelin stopped rating Las Vegas. Overall impression: Major failure with the Colors of Caviar and the duck. Obviously "dish dependent" but should not happen at a two star level. The restaurant is larger (i.e...
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    Le Cirque - Bellagio/Las Vegas

    Le Cirque at Bellagio Overall impression: The service was up to expectations but not the food. At this price point, I would recommend Joël Robuchon as the better restaurant and preferred choice. It is a classic French approach - large plates, small portions. Le Cirque is located at the...
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    PSA: Photobucket, again

    Photobucket now insists one turn off ad-blockers to access the site. I did that yesterday - and was immediately bombed by flashing messages of "Your computer is blocked" etc - cascading all over the screen. it too me a couple hours to clean up my computer - apparently Photobucket is...
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    Bellagio clip

    DW wanted to do the High Roller at night looks like: by pure accident, the Bellagio fountain display happened just as we reached the top. video from an iPhone, zoomed, reduced in resolution and size to fit...