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  1. BamsBBQ

    Olive and Rosemary Sourdough Bread

    this is enough to make 2 loaves. 2 cups sourdough starter 2 cups water 6 cups flour (more or less depending on moisture of dough) 4 tablespoons olive oil 2 tsp active dry yeast 2 tsp sugar 2 large sprigs of rosemary(chopped finely) 1 cup olives (i used an olive spread and chopped Kalamata...
  2. BamsBBQ


    very easy recipe boiled a 3 1/2 pound lobster. let it cool on a plate. as we were cleaning the meat from it, we kept two cups of the leftover liquid. to a dutch oven we: sauted 2 medium chopped onions added 2 tablespoons of minced garlic deglazed the pan with some Merlot added: thyme oregano...
  3. BamsBBQ

    Caramel Banana Upside Down Bread

    original recipe instead of milk i used canned milk(all i had on hand) i made three loaves, one as above link the second just walnuts the third added walnuts and chocolate chunks, about a cup
  4. BamsBBQ

    New Years Tourtiere Pie

    1 pound ground beef 1 pound ground pork 3 medium potato 1 large onion, minced 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 1 dash ground allspice 1/2 - 1 cup beef broth 1 recipe pastry for a 9 inch double crust deep dish pie (i use...
  5. BamsBBQ

    Thanksgiving - Cajun Deep Fried Turkey

    no particular recipe black pepper salt paprika garlic powder onion powder store bought cajun injection
  6. BamsBBQ

    smoked/grilled chops X2 plus extras

    time to kick up this category a One of the best pork chops I have ever made. Pork chops stuffed with andouillie sausage, lightly smoked with mesquite and then grilled. Served with grilled corn & roasted brussel sprouts drizzled with balsamic vinegar
  7. BamsBBQ

    RIP Etta James

    she will be missed
  8. BamsBBQ

    Doc's Blend Chili Seasoning

    i made this for Doc last year and forgot to post the recipe. all the ingredients are toasted then ground together when needed.. Doc's Blend 8 tbl ancho 1 tbl arbol 1 tbl salt 1 tsp onion 1 tsp garlic 2 tbl cumin seed(unground then grind it) 2 tsp mexican oregano 1 tbl brown sugar how i...
  9. BamsBBQ

    Hamburger Stew on a budget

    ok i am on a verrrrrrrrry tight budget... so every coin counts..notice i said coin and not so this meal cost me about $6 not including the stuff i had on hand...we will get a couple of meals from this. 2lbs ground beef on sale $3.18 1 - 28oz can of whole tomatoes - $.99 1 - 1lb...
  10. BamsBBQ

    WTG 49ers!!!!!

    Woooohooooo good game...
  11. BamsBBQ

    Most Expensive Food Trivia

    Can you name the most expensive food grown? DO NOT
  12. BamsBBQ

    O'Reilly's - San Francisco, CA

    i was craving some Shepherd's pie recently and remembered that i ate some really good eats at this place... they serve a big is not right on the touristy part of the Pier so service and food is much better IMHO they served it with authentic irish bread as well as some other...
  13. BamsBBQ

    A little Dexter did you know

    that the bad guy/villan/Travis Marshall is Tom Hanks son Colin Hanks. so i am bored and am finding useless
  14. BamsBBQ

    anybody ever make Pupusa's?

    i got the try some Salvadoran food this past summer and would sure like to find someone who knows how to make them Pupusa that were served with curtido slaw(pickled Salvadoran slaw)
  15. BamsBBQ

    Lazy Mans Panzarotti didnt know where to post this but this is a take on a dish i grew up eating at home. Preheat your deep fryer to 375*F Now traditionally you use "real" pizza dough but when you use the tin stuff, you dont have to par-bake it. the ingredients...
  16. BamsBBQ

    E-cigarettes: Success story

    When we found out Amanda was pregnant, i promised her that before the baby was born that i would quit. So about September i started my journey of being a non smoker. At first i started out with the e-cigarettes that you buy at 7-11, best $20 i ever spent. That cheap set-up(which i still have...
  17. BamsBBQ

    ISO: TNT Tom kha gai (thai chicken coconut soup)

    there are lots of recipes on the internet but looking for one that is very rich and mmmmmmm oh so looks like this
  18. BamsBBQ

    Sam Woh Restaurant - San Francisco,CA

    813 Washington St (between Grant Ave & Waverly Pl) San Francisco, CA 94108 Neighborhood: Chinatown (415) 982-0596 You want authentic chinese food and authentic dining ? Go here You want clean surroundings? dont go this hole in the wall is pretty good...
  19. BamsBBQ

    Chabaa Thai Cuisine - San Francisco, CA

    2123 Irving St (between 22nd Ave & 23rd Ave) San Francisco, CA 94122 Neighborhood: Outer Sunset i have eaten thai all over the country and this is my favorite hole in the wall place to eat..while i was there,my brother and i ate there at least twice a week. daytime...
  20. BamsBBQ

    Ronnie's Boudin & Cracklin House 2 - Baton Rouge, LA

    9830 Florida Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70815 (225) 216-7151 Great smoked boudin. Nicely spiced cracklins. Could eat everyday