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  1. Johnny West

    Moroccan Harissa Soup (chickpea and lentil)

    Search chickpeas and lentils.. it’s the best I can do right now.
  2. Johnny West

    Norm MacDonald RIP

  3. Johnny West

    Espresso Machine

    We got this yesterday but haven’t used it yet, hopefully tomorrow. In running our errands today we went to Dillanos Coffee Roasters and got a bag of their medium/dark coffee that is popular with coffee shops in the area. I grabbed a bag off the shelf but the owner said to put it back and had the...
  4. Johnny West

    Bistro 29

    Nampa, Idaho. We ate here last night. It is on the to floor of the old Masonic Temple and considered the best restaurant in Nampa. I had a Caesar salad big enough for two and we did share it. Nancy had the Idaho trout, I had a ribeye, and they were both excellent. Dessert was a deconstructed...
  5. Johnny West

    Grub Steak

    was fantastic again. I had the prime rib and Nancy had fillet mignon. I’m not even sure what my dessert was called but it was a frozen chocolate thing with thick Oreo type cookie on the bottom. I never eat all the prime rib and sure Matt will finish it off when he gets home tomorrow. Once a year...
  6. Johnny West

    Peach Cobbler

    Gluten free, sugar free peach cobbler…
  7. Johnny West

    Puyallup Fire

    There is a big cold storage facility in Puyallup that is on fire. There is 1000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia in the place so they have called for an evaluation of all people 1.1 miles in diameter which includes the whole downtown, up to Good Samaritan Hospital, the state fair grounds, and to...
  8. Johnny West

    Gluten Free Bread

    This is a gluten free bread using millet and tapioca flour my wife made today. It kind of fell but still was fluffy and good.
  9. Johnny West

    Hall Bath…

    It’s a walk in shower with bench…
  10. Johnny West

    Black Cod

    I pan fried the black cod in olive oil and served with aioli on the side. It was all very good.
  11. Johnny West

    French Almond Cake

    My wife made this French Almond Cake today using blanched almond flour and xylitol for sweetener. The cool whip was sugar free, as well. It was all very good.
  12. Johnny West

    Faux Campfire Foil Meal

    Normally we would do this camping but Lord know we will never go again… it came out oerfect. The oak smoke was delightful and only wish I was grilling steaks instead.
  13. Johnny West

    Tunisian Salad

    This is pretty good…
  14. Johnny West

    Albacore Tuna

    are in. I got a call from Merino’s in West Port this afternoon to let me know the tuna are in. We are going Saturday to pick up 60 pounds so Sunday we will be canning. I have a recipe for smoked tuna belly I want to try, as well.
  15. Johnny West

    Pulled Pork

    Today I’m making pulled pork using fresh picnic ham instead of shoulder. It was half the price of pork shoulder so thought I’d give it a try. I used a keto rub I found on the net. The only sweet it will have is apple juice when I foil wrap to finish. I used cherry wood from our tree for smoke.
  16. Johnny West

    Day trip

    to Mount St. Helens yesterday. About 1300 we decided to go for a drive and I suggested St. Helens. I’d been there when I taught high school special education back in 2000. Then the visitors center was open and you could see the cauldron a lot better. Since there has been so much volcanic...
  17. Johnny West

    Portagee Red Table Wine

    is a 90 pointer at Costco. $5 a bottle and it’s good. It reminds me of the cheap table wine we got in France. I wish we had that here…
  18. Johnny West

    Fontina Grits

    2 cups whole milk 1 cup low sodium chicken broth 1 cup coarse ground grits 3/4 tsp kosher salt 1/2 cup freshly grated fontina cheese 1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper 1. Measure out polenta/grids and add 3/4 tsp salt to cup. 2. In a medium sauce pan, bring up milk and chicken broth to a boil...
  19. Johnny West

    Dungeness Crab

    I cleaned the crab and will let her decide about picking the meat out. They are pretty easy to clean and there are several good tutorials on the net.
  20. Johnny West

    Chocolate Pie

    Yesterday my wife made this chocolate pie for Father’s Day dessert. The crust she made from walnuts and I don’t know what else. The filling was dairy free and the main ingredient was avacodos which were, of course, blended. It tasted fantastic. The cool whip was not on our diet but we didn’t care.