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  1. chocolate moose

    No more trivia?

    Is the author on a break?
  2. chocolate moose

    "More magazine" is No more ?

    It's a magazine targeted for middle aged women. I tried to renew my subscription today and the site said they were no longer accepting subscriptions. Annoying! Do all 50 and 60 something year olds only read magazines on their Kindle now? I know that I do not !!! Ladies Home Journal...
  3. chocolate moose

    Does a vegan have a Christmas tree?

    I'm not asking to make fun, I know that vegans don't kill for fun. Is a decoration - like a tree, this time of year - something that a vegan would have? Some people replant their trees, right?
  4. chocolate moose

    Saying Happy Holidays?

    This time of year is not holy for Moslems and other non Christians, right? So we really can't say Happy Holidays to everyone, right?
  5. chocolate moose

    I finished the turkey last night! Woo-hoo!

    I made a turkey wrap and included some carrot raisin slaw and Thanksgiving is history now !!!
  6. chocolate moose

    How does a dump cake work?

    I mean, what is the chemistry behind it - how is it not a flop, without mixing? Thanks.
  7. chocolate moose

    Why am I not excited about our new dishwasher?

    The dishwasher has been slowly dying, and after 10 years, the door is cracked, it doesn't close right, and we have to address the issue. Several parts need replacing, and after discussion amongst ourselves, we figure that by the time we buy the parts, pay a service guy, and maybe take time...
  8. chocolate moose

    Came home from work to an open freezer and ....

    Yeah, the title says it all. The last one is out of the house by 8 am and the first one home comes home about 430 PM. He came home to an open freezer (25 cubic feet); an aside is that we just had the wooden floors scraped and varnished ... some water on the floor plus the food was soft. A...
  9. chocolate moose

    It's after 4 PM, where's Lucky?

    and our Trivia?? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  10. chocolate moose

    Mug cake?

    I like a nice creamy cake from the nearby store; it's not cheap and it must be a lot of calories too. So, I was thinking - rather than to bake something and keep it in the freezer - to jump on this Mug Cake phenomenon. Is anyone a devotee and has tips for me? It can't be just a chocolate...
  11. chocolate moose

    Wow! Laundry SMELL !!!!!

    After washing, I hang up my PJ pants to extend their life but I think they mold before they can really dry. In the same vein, I bought a batch of used exercise clothes on Etsy and when they arrived smelling to high heaven, I put everything together in the same load to wash - three different...
  12. chocolate moose

    Chocolate with salt?

    I'm pretty strict about getting the correct nutrients and eat an oz of dark chocolate every single day, without fail. If I'm lucky, I get discounted Taza chocolate at TJ Maxx and last time they had an Almond Sea Salt bar. I didn't think the flavors went together but bought it anyway...
  13. chocolate moose

    Wow. DD doesn't like lamb!

    Thinking back, my mom never ate lamb chops but bought them for us. (She doesn't like chicken either.) Last week, I got a chicken stuffed with lamb and tongue and DD couldn't eat it. I also made meatballs with ground lamb so I don't dare give them to her for dinner. Isn't it unusual not...
  14. chocolate moose

    Does a crockpot use a "lot" of energy?

    Just bought DD a crockpot and I remember learning that any appliance that gets hot, uses a lot of electricity. Anyone? Will I be in the poor house now (with chili, though, hehe). Thanks!
  15. chocolate moose

    Just bought a 5 qt Hamilton Beach crockpot!

    It's for my daughter who wants to be able to put dinner up before work and come home to a hot dinner with leftovers. She lives at home so we will all get to use it. There were many varieties to choose from, and we didn't want to start with a difficult to use digital appliance, so I got...
  16. chocolate moose

    Looking for a new glass water pitcher

    We'd like to keep water in the fridge but some glass pitchers aren't dishwasher safe. Some aren't sturdy and Amazon reviews say they break easily. I'm kind of at a loss as to what to buy ....
  17. chocolate moose

    Do we really believe that plastic causes cancer?

    DS is sort of on a vendetta; it's a shame because plastic doesn't break like glass does. I guess I'll be getting a new glass pitcher and some new drinking glasses; he's pretty adamant that plastic is not good for us. What do you do? Plastic plates? Tupperware? Thanks.
  18. chocolate moose

    How to buy OTC reading glasses

    I need them but am not sure what to buy. I see discounted glasses for $5 and I see glasses for $30. Anyone? Help. Thanks.
  19. chocolate moose

    Looking for knife storage on the counter or wall

    Is there anything you've tried and liked? Our knife/scissor collection is getting out of control. thanks all!
  20. chocolate moose

    What do you know about spelt flour?

    I've mentioned DH's IBS here before, and after being gluten-free for a month, we are ready to move on to spelt to see how he tolerates some real gluten. Just wondering if I have to find honest-to-goodness spelt recipes or can I just sub spelt for any flour in a recipe. Maybe I will Google...