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    Grilled Chicken Thighs

    Eight Chicken Thighs seasoned with Southern Flavor Charbroil, and SF Garlic On the Grill Grates @ 400* until interior temp. 170* I was so hungry I forgot the last shot before we ate so here it is served with roasted brussel sprouts and succotash. Jackie said that I put to much salt so...
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    Grilled Miso Marinaded Chicken Thighs again

    Four Chicken thighs, marinaded with Miso then marinaded four hours. On the Grill Grates @400* until 160* interior then a ten minute rest Resting Jackie and me love this marinade a lot, it's a keeper. Served with fresh green beans...
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    Grilled Prime Tri-Tip

    This is the second of the eight Prime Tri-Tips bought at Costco $ 4.99 lb. Seasoned with Hungarian Pink Salt, Southern Flavor Charbroil and there Garlic Seasoning. Going tnto the fridge for four hours. Temp.450* direct Pulled at 20 minutes and rest for 10 minutes. Served with Zucchini...
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    Grilled Prime Tri-Tip from Costco

    We bought Eight Prime TRI-Tip's at Costco for $ 4.99 lb. all packaged up. When Jackie and I first meet 20 years ago, I used a seasoning that I found in Selma Al. when I was working on the movie Blue Sky with Jessica Lange and Tommy Lee Jones Southern Flavor it's a great seasoning, I do not...
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    Grilled Chicken Thighs

    Four chicken thighs seasoned with Dizzy Pig Raging River Rub, Chipotle Rub, Hungarian pink salt, and pepper. On the Grill Grates @400* for a total time of 25 minutes. Served with Black eyed Peas and Bacon, and leftover Spinach pie. Very tasty. Thanks for look-in! Ross
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    Grilling Bluefin Tuna

    Two half pound pieces of Bluefin seasoned with salt and pepper direct at 400* Seared 15 sec. four times. Looks just right. Served with Rice, Peas,and Wasabi. A truly wonderful meal and I have some more in the freezer. Thanks for look-in Ross
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    Grilled Apple Brined Pork Chops

    Three pork loin cc rib chops bn-in. in apple marinate for 5 hrs. On the grill grates @375* Grilled for eight minutes Served with Egg baked potato with sour cream and green onions. Another keeper recipe its a do again...
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    Grilled Pork Chops with Pineapple Salsa

    Two pork chops seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. On the Grill Grates in the LBGE @400* After 6 minutes great grill marks and looks wonderful. The Pineapple Salsa. Also served with Saut'e Asparagus. The salsa ingredients: pineapple, green onion, jicama, jalapeno, cilantro...
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    Citrus-Marinated Chicken

    Twelve bone in skin on chicken thighs in the marinate for 2 hrs. The BGE @ 400* ready to start grilling! This chicken smelled wonderful when I put it on the grill. Looking and smelling wonderful. 1/4 C marinate before the chicken was put in and 1/4 C cut scallions. to finish. This is...
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    Grilled Fresh Local Halibut

    Our neighbors son caught some Halibut off the coast of Ventura and gave Jackie and me some to grill. Seasoned with Dizzy Pig Raging River seasoning, Chipotle, and Dill Weed. Lemon. On the Grill Grates @375* direct. Four minutes a side. Served with Swiss Chard that Jackie saute. The fresh...
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    Round Steak, Potatoes, Biscuits, Flat Cap Review

    Baked in the BGE for 15 minutes @ 450* after the biscuits done I started the test of the Flat Cap. You can not read the time on my Iphone it is 2:15 pm. But you can in this picture 3:15 temp. 275* thats very good. 4:15 200* the BGE lost 250* in two hours. I think thats damn good. 5:36 3...
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    New York Steak and Grilled Romaine

    I've been posting almost every day since Jackie my lovely wife went up North to see her son Rich in Paradise, Ca. and then today she left for Sacramento Ca. for the annual sister reunion with her four sisters. So It's me and our faithful Sadie our 9 year old Cockapoo and Su Chef. NY Steak...
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    Banana-Zucchini French Toast

    This is the Banana-Zucchini Bread that I baked in the BGE yesterday. This is what I made this morning. French Banana-Zucchini Toast and it was delicious. Thanks for lookin! Ross
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    Banana-Zucchini Bread

    Ingredients mixed in two bread pans. In the Egg @ 350* for 50 minutes. On the rack resting after 50 minutes baking ten minutes sitting. This Banana-Zucchini Bread is wonderful and very tasty it was great with the leftover Baby Back Ribs...
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    Baby Back Ribs with the Ultimate BBQ Rub

    The Ultimate BBQ Rub. Rack of Baby back ribs with the rub, mustard. the night befor. Into the fridge. overnight. Seasoned and slathered again before going on the Big Green Egg. They are on the Egg @ 200* indirect with apple and cherry wood for smoke After 3 hours more rub, mustard, honey...