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    Buying case lots of meat.

    Since the avian flu is driving up chicken and egg prices we got 2 cases of boneless/skinless chicken breasts at Sams for $1.69 a lb. the other day. We pack them up individually and vac seal and freeze them. They are enough for the 2 of us for a meal. We also got a case of imitation crabmeat for...
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    Was I dreaming?

    Can't decide if I got nailed by my pacemaker or it was a dream. Sure woke up quick! I have been shocked so many times it could have been just a dream. When I checked my pulse rate it seems fine but I am also at the point where the anti- arrhythmia drug should be out of my system. Will try to not...
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    This years twins

    The mom brought them up to the mineral block and they had a ball chasing and playing in the yard. They acted like I mowed them a playground. The one is a much lighter color than the other one.
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    Zuchinni ideas wanted

    Dang things are going gang busters and we have lots of them. Some have gotten big already. Looking for baking or grilling ideas. I am thinking of splitting one down the length and scooping it out and filling it with cooked burger and spaghetti sauce and maybe cheese over top?