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    Mom's Day--

    my Mom rocks; she somehow got us a booking 4 our favorite place-- luv my Mom-- I'll have an appy of carpaccio & redd-- she looks be away tho pushes food onto me; win-win, get to see her, & we both get a delicious lunch--
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    i've got almonds--

    looking into uses beyond typical ones-- they're roast almonds w/ lite salt, & i'm not into too many sugary items, tho weaken as i drive my buggy through bakery aisles-- won't ingest chocolate; hm..... could make almond bark-- could give away @ Easter; tho, if anyone can give me their thoughts, i...
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    (dried morels)-- @ my 1 grocery, took pix, 'cept my pc & websites won't sync-- $399.00-- unheard of, damn-- given, they're dry/bulk-- still!! that's a new piece of furniture 4 me, scads of items--
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    on my way to there!!

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    bran flakes & yogurt

    got my pal on 'em-- he luvs both~~
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    iso summery beverages--

    sans my lack of that blender--:margarita:it's so humid--
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    my crockpot is

    making my dinner myself, 4 tonite, tho my pal says & says we'll dine-- he generally fails me-- so, i'm on this soup thing, & p'rogies, too-- won a 'lil crockpot-- suppose i'll imbibe on 2 p'rogies (not frozen ones) & broth, then nap--
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    so ill & that sucks--

    that won't go away-- between puking, sweating, dry-heaving & headaches---damn, i snooze 4 2 daze then 2 nites, & i'm beat-- i'm gonna look either into inpatient unless they'll prescribe a /24/7 homecare nurse-- cannot take being so weak any further, & i'm weak as weak gets-- i've got a treatment...
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    my arm!!

    ow, that pain-- & then i got a cortisone shot & it aches so less~~ soon, i'll be making food as i so love to make~~
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    buther's block table

    i'll soon be getting one- there is a convention here, & while scrolling, i saw them online~~
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    my Mom is here to be my Mom

    i'm sick, & need fluids. nothing too major; so i shall see yins; my Mom is gonna be here soon-- dammit when i tell her how expensive pet-sitters get to be
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    Easter Cheese

    info would be lovely-- i've got many a recipe, tho have yet to make a batch--
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    --one moment
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    Stanley Cup

    Yeah, Pittsburgh! We're champions--