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    Peached up Apfel Kuchen

    recipe from the pre-1970's from a German friend the dough is distinctly Germanische - methinks the secret is the vanilla sugar. we got real Madagascar beans (Amazon, Swedish brand) - using artificial vanilla seems like . . . why bother? used the...
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    this bad around you?

    TP, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, anything paper.... evaporated last week. today: coffee - cold cereals - frozen heat&eat - laundry/bleach products - dishwashing soaps - Campbells soup - other brands of condensed/ready to eat -
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    What have you eaten Sunday, 3/22/2020 to Saturday, 3/28/2020?

    okay - it's a definite now. the new oven needs a different approach for Joy of Cooking White Bread Plus.... by the book, it starts in a cold oven. today I saw too much brown and looked - the upper aka broiler elements were glowing red during the 'heat-from-beginning' cycle. I popped some...
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    Funny Pictures, Cartoons etc. Post em here

    the hoarding has hit here. some stuff you would expect - like heat&eat canned entree/foods - but some surprises: popcorn. empty shelf, one JiffyPop left with a big tear in the lid.... flour: all gone bottled water: all gone this entire aisle was napkins and paper towels: and the TP
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    What's For Dinner > Sunday March 8 - Saturday 14

    tonight is empty the fridge chicken stir fry.... with the obligatory crummy shot . . .
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    What's For Dinner > Sunday March 8 - Saturday 14

    there are certain advantages in being discouraged to do a shopping run....
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    apparently the software is feeling better this morning . . .
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    What's For Dinner > Sunday March 8 - Saturday 14

    turned out quite 'licious. steelhead chunks, pan fried, oven finished, steamed aspergrass (kid's term...), rice ala Alton. not sure how such a simple - saute shallot, add sour cream&mustard, thin . . . can occupy a full page.[ ATTACH]35761[/ATTACH]
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    is coming, right shortly . . . or not.
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    What's For Dinner > Sunday March 8 - Saturday 14

    it worked. reasonable well for first try. recipe here the slaw is a very interesting combo - the lime really sets it off. make the sauce as hot as you like . . . mayo+sweet chili sauce+hotsauce but next go, it'll be with some real fish - nuts on...
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    What have you eaten Sunday, 3/1/2020 to Saturday, 3/7/2020?

    t'other day we were shopping at Weis - which is not known as a high end joint . . . tripped over these - store brand IQF dry pack scallops. so tonight was scallops in a bed of angel hair, dressed in pesto, with broiled shrimp on a stick (stick removed....)
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    What Are We Eating Sunday 23 February- Saturday 29

    we split a Costco USDA Prime rib eye - this is hot pink and very tender... started out:
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    tech overboard!

    did a security check and out router turned up as woefully deficient - like a decade 'out of date' / past 'supported' so new router. got one with a USB port. hung a solid state "network drive" on the router. copied my recipe over to the router. replaced the cookbook with a SurfaceGo tablet...
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    Dogger Day 2020

    . . . pretty please . . ?