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    what to do with dried mushroom mix?

    carolina cook's mushroom thread reminded me that i have a large canister of mixed sliced/dried mushrooms (morels, porcini, brazilian caps, portabellas, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms) that i have in the cupboard which i bought in costco a while back. i've tried rehydrating the mix before, and...
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    Need help buying a charcoal grill

    now that we're going to be grilling again, i thought it was time to get back into using a charcoal grill. i crossed over to the dark side a few years ago switching to a gas grill, mainly for convenience/laziness. but this past winter, we had the opportunity to enjoy real charcoal grilled...
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    has anyone heard from keltin?

    i noticed that he hasn't logged in since the day of tbe storms in alabama last week. i hope he's ok, and it's nothing more than he lost power or something. anyone hear from him since?
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    Honey Badger don't care...

    i don't know if you guys have been infected by this one yet, but i've passed it on to a few friends who say "honey badger don't care, honey badger don't give a shit" all the time now. it's an old documentary about badgers but has been given a new, gay voiceover. don't ask me why it's funny...
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    What's for dinner Wednesday, Feb. 9th?

    i have to work until noon, then stop off at a friend's house before i go home and pass out. dinner will be whatever dw decides after going food shopping. my guess is fish or chicken, either plainly broiled, as always. :yuk: so what are you cooking or eating for dinner tonight?
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    What's for dinner, Thursday, 1-20-11?

    dw asked me to make my baked stuffed trout recipe again, so if one of us gets to the fish monger today, that's what we're having. if not, it's because we went out to get the boy a black suit and me a new black jacket for a memorial service that we'll be attending on sunday. in that case, it'll...
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    Cub Scout Pack 250

    because of some recent events (becoming a mod), i think i will open up a bit of my life to everyone and bring along, if you will, with me on this epoch i my life. my wife and i have fought recently a lot over whether or not i should take over the town's cub scout pack, pack 250 to be exact...
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    my first post from my droid.

    hello folks. this is my first post from my new phone. hope to be able to post more pics of my eats. wish me luck.
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    For the fishermen: Play Catch-a-Boat

    there's only a few days left to play the game (it's kinda lame), but when you do you're entered to win a fishing boat from good luck. if you win, you owe me a trip out on the lake of your choice. beer's on me.
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    Funny animal voiceovers.

    i just saw this and thought it was pretty funny.
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    How to tell if basket is safe to cook in?

    i was going out for my 3am dinner break the other morning and noticed a small, shiny metal basket on the top of a box of things that were to be thrown away on the loading dock. it looked like it was brand new, and it was on top of a box of old junk mail and a broken frame of shelves so i can...
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    What a real woman does.

    my buddy omega man just sent me this. i thought it was worthy of a chuckle. *WHAT A REAL WOMAN DOES* A real woman is a man's best friend. She will never stand him up and never let him down. She will reassure him when he feels insecure and comfort him after a bad day. She will...
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    Great Letterman interview tonight!

    for those on the left coast, tonight's letterman is great! he has on one of the rescued chilean miners, edison pena, on as a guest and it's fantastic. mr. pena is in nyc this weekend to run the marathon. through a translator, the guy is funny, humble, and worthy of tremendous respect. if you...
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    Norwegian/German Labskaus

    when i was a kid, my mom often made labskaus. it was one of my favourite breakfasts, especially on cold winter mornings. it can best be described as a wet corned beef hash, but with the addition of mustard and pickles. i did some research on it, and it is supposedly a recipe from the north sea...
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    What's your favourite mustard?

    in chatting with mama over a recipe recently, i realized that i'm a bit of a mustard freak. i have so many that i thought i'd list them, and see if anyone enjoyed the same ones, or could offer suggestions for what kind they like. i have: colman's powder, colman's english (jar), gulden's spicy...