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Default Insulin & Diabetes.

Hi, Everyone!

While on vacation in Washington, DC, I found out that my glucose level was over 500 mg/pd! I must admit though, that I haven't check the glucose level since February. The batteries in the meter were low, so I went to the nearest store to get some. When I replaced the old ones and did a check on the level, that is when the
was so high.

I also mismanaged the Metformin doses as well, thinking that I had it right! After checking the glucose levels multiple times, when I got to Philly, I went over to the Pennsylvania Hospital to get checked out. But it was just a tease! They lowered the level with sodium fluids through IV, and gave me one shot of insulin, but when it got down to about 250, they released me.

In the meantime, I drank so much water. I had an astronomical thirst for water like you would not believe! But still, it was not helping to bring the levels down! I couldn't eat right because I was drinking so much water and it was making me full. And it mas making me urinate so much during the day and a night!

But still, I kept on getting high readings, so several days after returning home, I realized that the levels were never going back to safer ones. Went to a clinic, and when they saw how dangerously high the glucose levels were, they had me sent over by ambulance to my hospital's emergency room. After having been there the first few hours, they told me that my blood sugar level was over 800 mg/pd!!! That was enough! I could've stroked out, gone into a coma and possibly died!!!

They kept me for two nights and worked on getting the levels down. Yesterday, before they released me, I had insulin to take home with me. I must now check my glucose level, give myself injections according to what the level is, take my meds and eat a meal. I cannot skip or play around with this!! This is now serious stuff!

So if any of you have diabetes, please keep track of your blood sugar levels, and take your insulin shots if you are on insulin. It could help save you life!!
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