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Old 06-28-2010, 05:10 PM
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Default Free VOIP Phone Service

Just bumped into this neat little device.

The Ooma Telo.

It's like Vonage. It gives you VOIP (telephone service) over your existing broadband connection.

For free.

For life.

There is an initial buy price (from them) of $250.00 for the box, and then you have to pay 11.99 per year to cover the regulatory fees. And that's it.

You can also buy the box from Amazon for 199.00 thus saving 50 bucks.

<click here to see Oooma at Amazon> <click here to see Oooma at Amazon>

I have Vonage and their 24.99 plan. With fees it's 32.86, so lets say 33.00 per month.

$33 x 12months = $396.00 per year

$396 - $200(Ooma from Amazon) = $196

$196 / 12 = 16.33

So, for what I pay for one year with Vonage, I could get 16 (that is SIXTEEN) years of service with Ooma.

Ooma is averaging 4.5 stars on Amazon.

Ooma offers a "Premier" calling package for 10 per month that gives you many extra (and nice) features.

If you want to keep your existing phone number, they charge a $39.99 port fee.

I was talking with another Engineer here, and he says that he heard that the free Ooma may be tagging its voice traffic with a low PCP (Priority Code Point) before it hits the voice gateway, while it would tag voice traffic from its Premier service with a higher priority. What this means is, if traffic at the gateway begins to exceed allocated bandwidth, the traffic will be shaped on priority. Lower priority will be queued and have to wait, while higher priority will be allowed to pass through first. This could lead to longer than usual times in making a connection, and possible degradation in call quality (if shaping is still done at the priority level after a connection has been made).

But, we aren't for sure if they are tagging it that way or not.

Hmmmmmmmmmm……this is a mighty tempting proposition. My birthday is in August, and I may just treat myself to this little gadget and run it for 30 days to compare it to Vonage.

To be continued………
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