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Default trivia 2/13

trivia 2/13
On average, six people die every year climbing Mt. Everest.

1. In 1940, actress Betty Grable had which part of her anatomy insured for
$1 million?
2. Members of which profession would be most likely to read the weekly
journal 'The Lancet'?
a. - Lawyers
b. - Surgeons
c. - Police Officers
d. - Architects
3. Which colony in what would become the U.S. was founded as a haven for
a. - Rhode Island
b. - Georgia
c. - Delaware
d. - Maryland
4. Arctophily is the collecting of ....
a. - Snow globes
b. - Porcelain Dolls
c. - Teddy Bears
d. - Drink Coasters
5. Can you recall the first names of the fictional "Blues Brothers" ?
6. Strange Words are These; ENNUI...
a. - Feeling of Boredom
b. - Feeling of Uselessness
c. - Feeling of Distrust
d. - Feeling of Isolation
7. What was the name of the troublemaking twins in "The Cat in the Hat" by
Dr. Seuss?
8. Queequeg is a character in what Novel ?
a. - The Last of the Mohicans
b. - Moby Dick
c. - Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
d. - The Pilgrim's Progress

The word "smog" is an acronym for "Sulphurous Metacarbonic Ozone Gas".
1. Legs
2. - b
3. - d
4. - c
5. Jake & Elwood
6. - a
7. Thing One & Thing Two
8. - b

The word "smog" is a combination of the words "Smoke" and "Fog".
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Default Re: trivia 2/13

Did not know 4,6 and 8
Thanks Lucky
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