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Default trivia 2/12

trivia 2/12
Bermuda's primary source of drinking water is rain.

1. The term "Chicana" means someone of what descent?
2. The Germans call it "den Schwarzwald" ; what do the English call it ??
(Hint ; It's a geographical ...)
3. What is the nickname that Calgary, Alberta, Canada is commonly known by?
4. Strange words are These ; ABATTOIR ...
a. - Dressing Room
b. - Slaughterhouse
c. - Springhouse
d. - Harem
5. According to Nat King Cole, what kind of summer days should we roll out?
a. - Lazy-hazy-crazy
b. - Hazy-crazy-lazy
c. - Crazy-hazy-daisy
d. - Crazy-lazy-hazy
6. Who sang the original recording of "Santa Baby" ?
a. - Madonna
b. - Etta James
c. - Eartha Kitt
d. - Lena Horne
7. What is the basic unit of money in Jordan ?
a. - Rial
b. - Dirham
c. - Dinar
d. - Jordanian Pound
8. It's in Chicago, Illinois, on November 3, 1948, and President Harry Truman
is photographed, smiling broadly, holding up a copy of the "Chicago
Tribune." What is the banner headline?

When the Spaniard Ponce de Leon made landfall on the mainland of North
America, he was looking for a “Fountain of Youth”.
1. Mexican
2. the Black Forest
3. Cowtown (I'll accept "Stampede City"...)
4. - b
5. - a
6. - c
7. - c
8. ' Dewey Defeats Truman'


Although traditionally it has been said he was seeking the Fountain of
Youth, this is only a fable, and Ponce de Leon himself was aware of this. In
fact, King Ferdinand was more interested in finding fabled cities of gold.
He was happy to supply Ponce de Leon with needed ships and supplies. In
April of 1513, Ponce de Leon landed on the mainland, rather than Bimini
Island, where he was initially headed. Earlier Spanish slavers had probably
landed in Florida, while raiding the Bahamas for slaves, but no one
officially had reached there before Ponce de Leon. He gave the area the name
"Florida" ("flowery"), in part because of the lush vegetation inherent to
the region.
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Default Re: trivia 2/12

Didn't know 4 and 7 at all.
I knew 8 but couldn't recall that very famous headline.
Thanks Lucky
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