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Default trivia 2/11

trivia 2/11
Studies have found that fatherhood suppresses testosterone .

1. Gynecomastia is usually a harmless, but sometimes distressing condition
in males ; what is it ?
2. The first manager of the Beatles went to heaven in '67. What was his
3. 'Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to
so few.' In this famous quote by Winston Churchill who were the "few" he was
referring to?
4. Which actor, who played James Bond, died on May 23, 2017, at the age of
a. - Sean Connery
b. - Roger Moore
c. - Pierce Brosnan
d. - George Lazenby
5. Strange Words are these ;
In the study of fossils, coprolites are fossilized .... what ?
a. - Seeds
b. - Ferns
c. - Feces
d. - Eggs
6. Which is the largest continent in terms of population?
7. What links the capital cities of Denmark, Egypt, Wales and Australia?
8. What computer-related word is made by combining any strong feeling and a symbol or
pictorial representation of something revered?

Most of those cans of Pumpkin Puree’ don’t contain Pumpkin.
1. Enlargement of the Mammary Glands
2. Brian Epstein
3. RAF Fighter Pilots
4. - b
5. - c
6. Asia
7. Their names all begin with 'C'
8. Emoticon

Most pumpkin purees are a mix of winter squashes, including butternut
squash, Golden Delicious, and Hubbard. Meanwhile, Libby’s, the largest
pumpkin puree brand, has developed its own unique brand of squash called the
Dickinson, which is more closely related to a butternut squash than a
pumpkin. The FDA is vague about what counts as "pumpkin," which allows
companies to pack unspecified squashes into their purees and still list
pumpkin as the sole ingredient.
"I hate liars ! I hate liars almost as much as I hate skim milk ! Skim milk is water, lying about being milk !"
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Default Re: trivia 2/11

Got em all but number 5.

7. Copenhagen,Cairo, Cardiff, Canberra.
Thanks Lucky
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