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Default trivia 5/23

trivia 5/23
“Parasite” was the first movie not in English to win best film. It also won
best director, best international film and best original screenplay.
This raised the Wrath of our Nationalists, who griped that the Academy Awards were
an AMERICAN institution, and "Best Picture" should go to an American film.....This is where we've come ........
(Editorial Comment - Don't confuse Nationalism with Patriotism; they are two entirely different things. - LT)

1. Strange Words are These ; VATICINATE ...
a. - a Student of Roman Catholicism
b. - Change Your mind back and forth from one conclusion to another
c. - One who has been inoculated against a disease or pathogen
d. - Foretell through the power of prophecy
2. Looking for two "One-Word Title" hit songs here, one by the association
and one by Bob Dylan, both titles referring to a weather phenomena .....
3. By what name is the 'Kalashnikov' rifle better known ??
4. Last names; Stanley & Livingston --- First Names ??
5. What famous Shoe Company is named after an African Antelope ?
6. In May 2011, Harold Camping made headlines for trying to predict what?
7. What products are sold in a Millinery ?
8. What constellation is sometimes referred to as 'the archer'?

One plausible theory as to why pirates wore eye patches was to see better in
the dark .
1. - d
2. "Windy" and "Hurricane"
3. AK-47
4. Henry & David
5. Reebok
6. the End of the World
7. Women's Hats
8. Sagittarius

Many believe that pirates wore eye patches over one eye in order to see
better when they went below the deck of ships. They would switch the patch
to the other eye and be able to see well out of the eye that had already
adjusted to the dark. There are no first-person accounts, but the theory has
been tested by the US Air Force, and by the TV show "Mythbusters", and the
theory is considered plausible.
-“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at
all.” – Harriet Van Horne
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Default Re: trivia 5/23

Didn't know number 6.
Thanks Lucky
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