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Default Re: Ground Turkey

nuttin' like poopin' all over a thread, phid. :horsepoop-1:

i made a ground turkey meatloaf the other day that was so good we actually ate it a second night as leftovers. most leftovers are my lunches or go to our outdoor cats (they're feral but they're fixed and live under my canoe), but this worked out as 2 dinners, a rarity for us. this stretched a package of ground turkey into essentially six servings, and incorporated veggies to get my son to eat more of them.

to a pound and a third of 93/7 ground turkey, i added 2 eggs, some whole wheat cracker meal, dried parsley, hot pepper flakes, tomato sauce, toasted minced garlic, browned diced onions, diced fennel stalks, and a diced cubanelle pepper.

i formed it into a loaf, covered it with more tomato sauce, and baked it in a glass dish at 375 for 45 minutes.

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