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Default Re: Let's Talk ... Sauces, Dips, Gravies Etc

Originally Posted by ChowderMan View Post
Sherm -

the problem is, you've not made notice of your credentials. I joined in 2009. never had an inkling you had any professional experience. otoh, luvs frequently mentions cooking professionally and all the schufft she hmmm, errr, 'enjoys' about that.

methinks you've overreached the insult part.

I HAVE cook professionally for several catering companies. I was a cook for United Airlines, I've cooked at many restaurants during my professional career. I've also worked in a bakery where I've filled fruit filling into danish before they were baked, anf I've frosted cakes as my job assignment.

I should not have to explain what exactly I did during my working career. My word should be enough.

She made it appear as though I was lying, sensationalizing or generalizing, and I don't lie about what I did for a living.
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