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Default Re: aaaah. silence.

my DW doesn't get similar spam. we were discussing it one day, and she was telling me how crazy I was when her phone rang. wanna' guess?

spammers buy phone lists "with qualifiers" just like the do for email addressi.

if you think the Do Not Call List effective, major rer-think required. frankly I think the spammers buy the Do Not Call List and use all those entries thinking "these folks are least bothered and most likely to answer..."

the "law" made it illegal - so it all moved off shore. the law needs to be changed to hold the "beneficiary" responsible at $5k a pop. when the fraudster "businesses" get hit with the fines for hiring some off shore outfit (Your Honor, we did not make those calls....[we hired somebody in India to do it for us]) perhaps the situation will get under control.

...tension relievers - I just terminated the land line service. the number is on the Do Not Call List. we were getting 20-30 calls per day. this is not a tension relief.....
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