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Default aaaah. silence.

fwiw -

I have an iPhone 5s - OS updated to whatever Apple pesters me about updating to.

this may or may not work for you, depending on the situation - but.....

I was getting 5-20 calls a day from spammers.
the Tricare insurance thing
the IRS is coming to arrest you thing
the pain management survey thing
the do you need a rehab facility thing...

so instead of attempting to block every pestering call - which very rapidly became a very long list....
I set up the privacy function on the iPhone such that any call from any number not on my contacts list goes directly to voice mail. the phone does not ring, it does not vibrate, it does nothing. you will see a "missed call" notice. it also silences the "Unknown" callers.

any pest spammer who leaves a voice mail goes onto the blocked caller list.
any pest spammer that calls me twice from the same bogus caller ID goes on the blocked caller list.

now, obviously any one who actually knows you and/or has a legitimate reason for calling will leave a voice mail. and you can easily add them to your Contacts.

the silence is absolutely golden.
there are (at some cost) call blockers for a lot of different models - but these depend on blocking every pest individually - a daunting task because every day they change their spoofed caller ID....
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