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Default Re: Big fan of for eating out

Well, Yelp was started there, so it's no surprise that is huge there. I LOVE that they finally went international this past year. I have been on there for yearsssssss, Lefty, you want I should add you as a contact there? I can pm you my profile.

Also, the yelp parties are always great. Good time to do local meet and greets, and the "elite" folks REALLY take things seriously when it comes to making events FUN, social, and getting folks involved. It's an AWESOME platform.

Honestly, I can't think of the last time I DIDN'T yelp a place before heading out if it was new to me. . . whether it was meeting friends, or, just trying to find a new place, Yelp has been a GREAT www tool. BIG TIME.

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