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Default corn flakes for breading

a bit back I went on a rave about using Corn Flakes for oven fried chicken. it's a old old old 'technique' - still taste good tho....

so tonight is a [highly modified] Cobb salad recipe that calls for breaded sauted chicken breast slices.

having been serious unimpressed with sliced chicken breast on salad.....I revolted.

I sliced some (raw) chicken cutlets into strips, let stand in (1%) milk 20 minutes, prepped a fine smash of Corn Flakes - pushing flour fine-ness,+ salt+pepper+dried powder garlic, ran the milk washed chicken strips through the "breading" and sauted 2-3 minutes per side in a generous pan of olive oil.

cannot get DW to stop with the "yum yum yum" - she's consumed about half of the chicken, and the salad ain't yet made.....

so, consider ye' the honorable Corn Flakes as a super breading sub.
you'll be a-maized.
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