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Default Re: Let's Talk ... BBQ, Smoking and Grilling

When I use the Weber for smoking, I make a bowl out of heavy duty foil and put it in the middle of the fire grate. Then I put hot water in the bowl and add charcoal on two opposite sides. I put the cooking grate on top and place the meat directly in the middle over the bowl. It provides some steam but is primarily there to catch grease and prevent flare-ups. My Weber has a cooking grate that has hinges on two sides so I can add wood chunks and charcoal as needed without moving the meat. Heat is controlled by opening and closing the dampers on the bottom. The top damper is fully open but has a thermometer stuck in one hole so I can determine the heat inside.

On my horizontal smoker with an off set firebox, I put the charcoal in the firebox with a chunk of wood off to the side so it smolders and smokes but does not burn with a flame. Up until this year I had a bowl of hot water in the cooking chamber right next to the fire
with a baffle to direct heat and smoke under the water so it could rise up under the meat and out the chimney. Heat is controlled in the openings at the fire box. Chimney damper is always open all the way and there is an after market thermometer sticking into the cook chamber from the front door.

So far this year I have not used water or the damper in the horizontal smoker. I find a good baste keeps the meat moist and temperature control at the fire box is still good.

This is the way I do it. Other methods are also valid.
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