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Default Re: The "Breakfast" thread

Originally Posted by MexicoKaren View Post
Yes, Peeps, I guess the cayenne pepper goes in the yolks...sorry I dropped that part! I think the Knorr stuff tastes very good, and if I could buy it, I would. But I've been making this version since I bought my first Osterizer blender back in the 1960s(!). It was in the handbook that came with it, and it's pretty quick, has a nice bright taste, and I've always told myself that the butter cooks the egg yolks...

I got up this morning determined to make Mama's pumpkin pancakes and then realized that I did not have ANY syrup. So I made this TNT crustless quiche with minced red onion, bacon, spinach, oaxaca and manchego cheese, sliced tomatoes on top. It was good with some grilled Italian bread and fresh watermelon. Jerry gave it a "9" - high praise from him for something that does not have any potatoes.

Thanks for starting this thread, Peeps - Sunday is the only day we really eat breakfast, but sometimes we do have breakfast for dinner!
That looks fantastic Karen!!

I don't make eggs benny very often and have only made homemade hollandaise once many years ago (I remember it was a pain!!). No one in my house really likes it but me so homemade once every 5 years is enough for them!! LOL My aunt made them and used Knorr's and I liked it so I have been using that since.

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