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Default Re: ISO TNT Homemade Sauerkraut recipe

I've made this small-batch sauerkraut several times. In fact, have some in fridge that's several months old. Guess I should use it or check on it.

What I do differently, is use one of the well-washed outer leaves cut/folded to fit the top and use a plastic bag full of additional brine to weight it down. I usually let it go for +/- 7 days to get to a point that Craig likes it, but I will still eat it also. I do put the caraway seeds in, though I crack them and don't use as much as the recipe.

Oh, last time I made it, my hands were really hurting from arthritis and working the salt into the cabbage was killing me. Bright idea, I used the head of the large metal meat mallet to work it in. Worked like a charm!

I also picked up a 2 quart apothacary jar from Hobby Lobby with the seal and locking ring. You can lock it down after the initial fermentation is done and you put it in the fridge, DEFINITELY not before.

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