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Default Re: aaaah. silence.

did it have an effect?

curiously, after 3 months, my spam calls have dropped to two per week; on Tuesday. first they dial me as "unknown"; then 2-3 minutes later I get a call from a local/adjoining area code.

now, the off-shore "we'll call any number forever for a price" companies only work when paid. any domestic types eventually do get nailed. so, did the scamming root companies stop paying or did my "never answers" number make their "drop" list....?

but, , , , they sell your number. so while it's curious the calls have dropped off severely, there's no way I'm removing blocks/ignores - a single "this number answers" event can lead to years and years of spam calls.

very very very few are doing the 'dial every number in the exchange' thing anymore. DW just does not get the calls I do. somehow, somebody got my cell number and sold it as a hot prospect. frankly I think it was the Honda dealer - they have a really really really bad record of lying.
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