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02-28-2009, 07:16 AM
A recently divorced man was enjoying his first vacation after going through a nasty divorce. Walking in the sand on an island beach, he came upon an old lamp partially buried in the sand.

He picked up the lamp and when he rubbed the sand off of it, a beautiful genie appeared.

Genie: "I am the Spirit of the Lamp, and will grant you three wishes."

Man: " Well, after going through a divorce where my ex-wife took me to the cleaners, I could use 10 million dollars."

Genie: "Since I am a woman and sympathize with your ex-wife - whatever you receive, your ex-wife will get twice as much."

The man reluctantly agreed, and before his eyes appeared 10 million dollars. At the same moment, his ex-wife was sitting at her kitchen table, and 20 million dollars appeared in front of her.

Man: "My next wish is for a new Ferrari."

A shiny red Ferrari appeared on the sand next to him, and two new Ferraris appeared in his ex-wife's driveway. The thought of his ex-wife getting double his wishes was almost too much to bear as he pondered his next wish.

Genie: "You still have one wish left."

The man thought for a while.

Man: " I want you to beat me half to death." :twak:

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Wudder you laffin' at, Aqua?? :bonk: