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02-13-2009, 02:05 AM
I thought we could start a generic thread showing support for anyone here or not heard from for a couple of days. Also, gives them one place to go to let us know they pulled thru and are OK.
You can issue support for anyone you know is being effected by all this, or a generic show of support for everyone who might be getting effected by all of this.

02-13-2009, 10:12 AM
Thanks, Mav.
As you all know, last week I had a cold. It started, got worse and thought it peaked midweek. By Saturday I thought I'd be able to do the Seafood Fest that was here and my Dad's belated birthday dinner Sunday.
Not the case. Everyone was still feeling not quite par, so we all layed low.
This past Monday, out of nowhere, I felt 10 times worse than all the week before. Ragging fever, sinusitus that made 1/2 my face swell like the elephant man (whichever side I layed on the fluid would collect), and the coughing I had been doing that made all my chest, stomach and back muscles ache so much stopped. I knew that wasn't a good thing, since I was having trouble breathing.
That was what scared me, because my chest hurt so bad. When I did anything to exert myself, I was getting very light headed and limbs were tingly.
Well, I knew what happened....but not having medical benefits, not much I could afford to do. I knew I had bronchial pneumonia.
Dad and I talk daily and we both have the same G.P., so he called him and told him my situation, and doc said for me to call him.
I did. Since I have a history of this, perhaps stemming from my days of working on the NJTP for all those years, breathing in all that crap, and being in construction breathing in all that spackle dust and God knows what else and furniture refinishing, using so many chemicals and not least of all, being a smoker....Wha La!
This is the weak spot in my body.
So the doc prescribed what he normally does to break up my chest congestion with codine in it and a pill for the infection.
So now I'm sleeping better and am back to coughing to break up my chest congestion, which is good, but boy do my muscles ache again.

We've had such a weird winter here. Heat on one day, a/c on the next, and so dry and alot of windy/breezy days kicking up so much crap.
And I gotta say, not working, staying home alot, when I do go out in public, I know I have not built up any resistance to anything being passed around.
Like when your kids first start school. All of a sudden they start picking up everything going around.

The one thing I always try to do, which doctors either forget to advise or don't think you'll listen to, is walk alot. Try to exercise your lungs to expand more than they would if you're sendentary. I walk with the dog as fast as I can without getting light-headed and sit and do breathing exercises.
This seems to help more than anything.
So this is why I haven't been around much. Just in spurts. I'll think I have some energy, sit down and before I know it, I'm done in.

I'm getting there though, and have missed you all, but not looking at too much food stuff just yet. Foods not appealing to me quite yet.

Hope you're all doing well.

02-13-2009, 10:30 AM
the end of the world is nigh.:spacecraft: