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02-14-2009, 10:48 PM
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Twice Baked Potatoes


2 Large Baking Potatoes
Salt & Pepper

Optional Ingredients

Bacon or Bacon Bits
Green Onions
Anything else you like!


Start by baking the potatoes till done. You can do this in a regular oven or use your microwave for faster cooking. Once the potatoes are done, allow them to cool until you can handle them.

Start by cutting out the top. You’ll want to use a medium sized knife and pierce the potato at a 45 degree angle. Cut all the way around the potato to make your opening. Once you have cut all the way around, lift the top off.

Now score the potato flesh length wise several times. Next, score the flesh across the middle the entire length of the potato. This forms a cross hatch bit of scoring.

Once scored, use a spoon to scoop the flesh out of the potato to a large mixing bowl. As you are scooping the flesh out, be sure to turn the spoon so that the back is to the wall of the potato thus allowing the concave side to “cut” and shear away the flesh. Don’t scoop too deep on the floor or walls. You want to leave just less than 1/4 inch of flesh.

Once the flesh is out of the shell, grab the top you cut off and bend it in half to break it and then easily peel the skin away from that flesh.

Repeat the scoring and scooping process for the next potato; as well as making sure to get the flesh from the top you cut out. Once all the flesh is in the large mixing bowl, you’ll basically make mashed potatoes. Add enough butter and milk in a 40/60 ratio to moisten the potatoes into a firm and consistent mash. Add salt and pepper to taste as well as any other ingredients you like.

Using a spoon, transfer the mashed flesh back into the hollowed out potato shells. Make sure to carefully pack it into all crevices and corners as you fill it. Once filled, the flesh will be taller than before and will poke out of the top of the shell. Smooth and swirl with a fork to give the tops some edges and swirls. These brown nicely when you bake them again.

At this point, you can let the potatoes rest in the fridge for a few hours. When ready, back the potatoes in a 400 to 450 degree oven until warmed through and nicely browned on top. Add cheese if you wish.

Here is a pictorial.

1. Start with a large fully cooked potato.

2. Begin cutting out the top.

3. Once the top is cut out, lift it off.

4. Set the top aside.

5. Score the potato length wise.

6. Score the potato cross wise.

7. Scoop the scored flesh out with a spoon.

8. Turn the spoon as you scoop the walls to easily “cut” away the flesh.

9. Break the top in half and peel the skin from that flesh.

10. Both shells are now ready.

11. Mash the flesh with butter and milk to make consistent and a bit firm. Add your favorite ingredients and mix well.

12. Use the spoon to fill the potatoes with the mashed flesh. Start at one end and work your way to the other.

02-14-2009, 10:48 PM
Wrapping it up......

13. Once filled, “fluff” the top with a fork to give it some texture that will brown.

14. Bake until warmed through and brown on top.